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With the less and less widespread use of cash in recent periods, including for health reasons, the spread of credit cards has expanded dramatically and has taken over the market. Today we will see which are the five best account cards with IBAN available for you.

What is an account card with Iban?

Now let’s try to understand what we are talking about when we hear the wording card account with IBAN. Its arrival in the current market is fairly recent, but in a short time it has enjoyed considerable success.

Basically, it is an account card that allows those in possession to make and receive payments directly, without the need for a current account.

In a nutshell, it is a prepaid card with IBAN, that is, a rechargeable card with an associated IBAN.

The IBAN of the card is the same as that of any bank account and has the same function and value.

Account card limits with IBAN

However, these account cards with IBAN have limits of use, such as the accumulation of money, but they can easily be considered as small current accounts, perfect for managing small amounts.

How to top up a prepaid card with IBAN?

Furthermore, prepaid cards with IBAN account can be used as canonical electronic payment instruments, and it is possible to pay money on a prepaid card as if they were real current accounts through:

  • ATMs
  • Tobacco
  • Affiliated supermarkets

In practice, these are payment instruments that can be recharged. In this way, individuals, companies and professionals can use account cards with IBAN to make transactions that can be carried out with credit or debit cards linked to a current account.

Account card with IBAN advantages

Now let’s see together what advantages you can have using account cards with IBAN.

Cards with IBANs without a current account can have multiple advantages, for example, you can perform the following card operations:

  • Send and receive online wire transfers (ordinary or instant)
  • Receive your salary or pension directly credited to your card, in comfort
  • Another advantage to consider is that of the costs of card management and card account opening, since very often these rechargeable cards with IBAN are free.
  • The online account cards adhere to the Visa or Mastercard circuit, and as payment tools allow SMEs and professionals to easily and securely make payments and withdrawals anywhere (even abroad)
  • Prepaid account cards can be managed directly from the app, via smartphone, tablet and computer, optimizing the accounting and financial management of the business or of a personal online card account.

How much does an account card with IBAN cost?

The management costs of a prepaid card with IBAN are very low compared to those of a bank account.

As far as the maximum amount of money is concerned, it is usually very satisfactory.

The card payment path is faster than traditional current accounts (these cards use the Visa and Mastercard circuits).

Best account cards with IBAN

Let’s finally see which are the five best account cards with IBAN on the market. Let’s begin!

Hype account card

Let’s start with the first Italian account card in question: HYPE.

The Hype card without a current account is completely free and has more than one million customers in Italy, which is why it is considered one of the best account cards with IBAN on the market.

Among other things, the hype card is part of the Mastercard circuit and is equipped with an online Italian IBAN. Unlike other competing cards, it can also be activated by minors and can be used abroad.

The Hype app is a very intuitive and complete application. In addition to the possibility of making payments, it allows you to withdraw money from Hype at no cost at all European ATMs, and is compatible with all types of online payments.

The Hype card top-up can be done in supermarkets, tobacconists, by bank transfer or instant transfer from another card.

Finally, the HYPE card is safe, it is also available in the paid Hype plans:

  • Hype Next account
  • Hype Premium account

In addition to the basic IBAN Hype version, or Hype free plan.

Flowe account card

The second Italian IBAN account card that we will deal with is the Flowe card.

Unlike other cards with online IBANs, Flowe is the only one that pays particular attention to environmental issues and is environmentally sustainable; in fact, the Flowe account is the only digital bank that offers a completely wooden card, to reduce the environmental impact.

In addition, Flowe account card is perfect for people looking for a simple and functional experience. Thanks to the handy Flowe app (Pay better, be better) it is very easy to use and top up.

You can exchange money in real time with all Flowe customers, all you need is their phone number or email.

The Flowe card for minors can be activated from 12 years upwards, and is a contactless card, therefore usable via smartphone.

Account card N26

The third prepaid account card that we are going to evaluate is the German N26 (online bank awarded by Forbes) the best account card with IBAN of the period, according to user reviews, since many use it as a simple prepaid to be placed alongside their main account. .

The N26 card is a totally digital bank that has a very complete and functional N26 app, and has over 7 million users.

The N26 Standard card is 100% free and has an Italian IBAN current account.

N26 transaction fees have low and sometimes absent amounts, and N26 withdrawals in all ATMs in the European Union are always free. Foreign N26 commissions, outside the EU, are 1.7% on withdrawals and purchases in foreign currency with the official Mastercard exchange rate (it is accepted all over the world).

On the N26 Standard card version it is possible to:

  • Credit the salary on N26
  • Receive and make wire transfers on N26
  • Top up your phone with N26
  • Pay bills, car tax, MAV RAV

The N26 card is compatible with international payment circuits.

In short, the N26 account is safe, the N26 card is contactless and can be recharged in supermarkets, by bank transfer or instant transfer from another card connected to it.

Tinaba account card

Another Italian account card that cannot be missing from our ranking of the best account cards is Tinaba by Banca Profilo.

The Tinaba card can be used to pay and withdraw money around the world, and can be conveniently managed through the Tinaba app.

The Tinaba card is safe, it is linked to the Tinaba account with an Italian IBAN, moreover, various operations can be carried out with a Tinaba account, for example:

  • Make and receive wire transfers with Tinaba
  • Credit the salary to the account
  • Domicile the utilities
  • Pay the bulletins

All this quickly and easily with the Tinaba account.

  • Tinaba investments can also be made
  • Instant money transfers with other Tinaba users
  • Dealing with Tinaba cryptocurrencies
  • Even the Tinaba account card for minors can be activated from 12 years upwards.

We are talking about an account card with a free and rechargeable IBAN by bank transfer from another account, transfer from another card or by receiving money from other users of the circuit.

YAP account card

The last account card with free IBAN that we present to you is YAP – the app to pay anywhere!

It is a prepaid card with IBAN designed primarily for young people and issued by Nexi Payments.

The YAP virtual card is completely free and can also be used to pay in-store via YAP Apple Pay or YAP Google Pay. Instead, the physical YAP card is optional and paid.

Being designed for a younger clientele, YAP for minors focuses heavily on sharing functions. If the friends are also YAP users, it will be possible to divide the expenses by creating groups and automatically calculating the amount.

With the YAP prepaid card it is also possible to send requests and sums of money to your contacts.

The YAP app is efficient and modern, perfect for parents who want to manage and control their children’s budget, especially if they are minors.

Dear friends of Financial Empires, thanks to our journey to discover the five best account cards with IBAN, you now know all the characteristics and peculiarities to be able to choose your preferred IBAN card without current account.

The Editorial Staff, Financial Empires



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