Bdswiss Copy Trading | What It Is, How It Works, Commissions

Investors who are beginners and want to start trading online have a very advantageous alternative to start delving into this sector, we are talking about Bdswiss copy trading, what it is, how it works and the commissions.

What is copy trading?

Copy trading is an automatic system that replicates the step by step moves of other traders to get results, which hopefully are trading gains, but the possibility that you may also have losses is not excluded as you are emulating the performance of others. trader (and this concerns every trading operation on the exchange platform).

More traders can be copied, so you will need to invest more capital for each copied trader.

The good thing about online copy trading is that you can stop copy trading whenever you want and go back to your trading account.

How copy trading works

Those who enter the forex market for the first time or those who want to trade with binary options, can learn how to trade from the best traders to copy to invest in the stock market, for example:

  • What securities to invest in
  • Which currencies to buy

Forex copy trading

The forex copy trading method is quite simple, it is based on copying investment strategies, current and future positions, replicating step by step the financial operations of other traders, who obviously receive a commission every time their online trading strategies come up. copied.

Furthermore, automatic copy trading is to faithfully copy the orders and positions of another trader’s trading account, this means that:

If the traders you follow earn with their way of operating on the financial markets, you will also earn; but at the same time, if the trader you follow has trading losses, you will suffer the same too.
Our advice is to follow the best traders if your intention is to do copy trading, which lately is one of the online trading options much requested by novice investors and also by more advanced traders.

What is Bdswiss?

There are various exchange platforms that offer copy trading among their services, among these Bdswiss stands out, it is nothing more than a signal emulator and orders from other traders who, of course, have the copy option enabled.

With Bdswiss app you can trade more than 250 forex currency pairs, CFDs (contract for difference), indices, energies, metals, and Bdswiss binary options.

Swiss broker

We are talking about a licensed Swiss regulated Bdswiss broker to trade.

Bdswiss broker is registered as commercial property of Bdswiss holding LTD, a financial institution based in Cyprus authorized and regulated by the Cyprus supervisory authority and Exchange Commission: CySEC with broker license 199/13 and registration number HE300153.

As suggested by the name itself, BdSWISS was founded in Switzerland in 2012, with a solid foundation to operate as an online broker as its license is managed by one of the most important payment service providers as well as operator of various websites, namely BDSwiss Global Markets. Global Services LTD.

Bdswiss headquarters are located in Frankfurt and have Bdswiss branches in other European countries.

Is Bdswiss Safe?

Certainly Bdswiss is safe and boasts one of the best exchange platforms for trading with binary options (Bdswiss binary options).

Among other things, Bdswiss app offers a demo trading account with which you can put your trading strategies into practice without using real money on the account.

Bdswiss for novice and experienced traders

Those who have just started in the world of trading can join a Bdswiss account to start earning with online trading, thanks to the free trading webinars provided by Bdswiss itself according to the type of trading account.

With the Bdswiss live webinars there are online video lessons that guide users (beginner and more experienced traders) to understand the best way to move in the stock market and forex trading. It is a way of educating traders on concepts, trading strategies and movements in the financial markets.

Advantages of doing copy trading

There are a number of benefits associated with online copy trading, among which the following stand out:

Learn how to trade

Ability to learn how to trade from an expert by copying his trading strategies

Simplify the way you trade

Copying trades is an ideal and easy way to trade online for beginners if you don’t have in-depth knowledge of forex trading.

Get closer to the world of trading

In fact, copy trading is an ideal financial tool to approach the world of trading and understand the reasons for their movements from the moves of other traders, as there are exchange platforms such as Bdswisss that explain why the other trader uses certain strategies. trading

Diversify online investments

You can diversify online trading investments since if you copy, for example, 3 other traders and each opens 5 trades, then in your trading portfolio you will have 15 other trades that can allow you to earn with online trading if you are among the trading gurus who follow copycat, obviously, the best traders in the world.

Disadvantages of copy trading

Those who do not know much about online trading but are interested in earning trading profits, can consider copy trading as an activity that allows you to trade without too much effort or without having to invest all the time that requires having to study how trading works. online; but not all that glitters is gold, and the same goes for trading by copying.

As for the disadvantages of this type of trading, it is necessary to carefully evaluate what type of account to follow, because if you follow a trader with not very encouraging statistics or with a more or less low performance, the results will be rather unfavorable and you will lose. is the risk of trading using this method.

Bdswiss copy trading commission

If you are on the side of the advanced trader with good investment strategies in the financial markets, using Bdswiss copy trading can be a profitable activity as you can earn commissions when the trader’s account is copied, to make it possible you need to join the trading program. affiliation, by registering on the Bdswiss site as an affiliate partner.

To start doing Bdswiss copy trading you need to open a trading account from the Bdswiss app, the minimum deposit is $ 100, instead the demo account does not require any Bdswiss minimum deposit and the funds are virtual money.

Copy trading broker

Therefore, we can rely on this type of copy trading not only through Bdswiss but also through other online platforms such as:

Just to mention some platforms, we undoubtedly recommend using Bdswiss Copy trading, even if it is not a very popular exchange in Italy, but it is safe, so much so that it has various trading services that it provides to over 1.5 million Bdswiss users.

To invest in the stock market with the Bdswiss copy trading system without necessarily having to be an expert trader, with over 50 forex currency pairs available, the only advice is to carefully evaluate which trader to follow to be able to earn online trading profits.

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