Best ETF Brokers | Which One To Choose To Trade With ETFs?

The world of finance and investments has seen, in recent years, a greater interest from traders and investors who want to trade with ETFs, and turn to the best ETF brokers. In this article we will analyze the skills and peculiarities of this professional, to then be able to understand which one to choose to move in the financial markets.

What are etfs?

Let’s start by understanding what ETFs are:

The name would be the acronym for Exchange Traded Funds
These are basically funds or SICAVs with low management fees, traded on the stock exchange, comparable to classic shares.

On the other hand, ETFs have the sole objective of faithfully replicating the performance and performance of indices, stocks, bonds and commodities.

It is a market managed directly by the Italian Stock Exchange and is called ETFplus.

Having appeared on the US market in the early 90s, the best ETFs have made their arrival on the Italian market since September 2002, and since then, they have achieved increasingly growing success.

ETF features

Let’s now see what are the main ETF features.


First of all, simplicity, given that ETFs are passive instruments that aim to replicate the performance of the benchmark index to which they refer, giving investors the opportunity to:

Invest in various types of markets such as: Stock market or Bond market
Evaluate the final goal
Moreover, thanks to ETF trading in real time on the stock exchange, ETFs can be bought and sold, as if they were real shares, through a bank or with the help of an ETF broker.

Another point in their favor is transparency, as ETFs:

They replicate a market index
They allow investors to have control over the performance of their investment and of their own securities portfolio
ETF price is updated in real time based on the performance of the components of the reference index, which is published daily
ETF listing
Furthermore, Exchange Traded Funds do not expire and are listed on the ETF Borsa Italiana in real time, so those who invest have the possibility to modulate the investment in question according to their objectives.

The latter ranges from the short term to the medium or long term, in a very similar way to pension investments.

Minimum ETF lot
Considering the minimum ETF trading lot, which is usually equal to a single share or share, you can acquire a position on indices globally.

Passive ETF management
Another element to take into consideration is the economy and the passive ETF management policy.

In fact, these allow to reduce the costs of active management and those of distribution, while still managing to guarantee those who invest access to the financial markets using targeted strategies, thus reducing the issuer ETF risk, given that they are funds or Sicav owned by holders of the ETF shares or units.

So even in the event of bankruptcy of the companies that manage the fund, the ETF assets would still be safe.

Best ETF Brokers

Let’s see now what are, in our opinion, the 5 best ETF brokers to invest in Exchange Traded Fund. Analyzing all the facets and characteristics of each broker platform.

eToro ETF

On the renowned eToro ETF exchange platform, the following are available:

  • 42 harmonized ETFs (following the European Directives)
  • 216 ETF CFDs eToro
  • ETF commissions eToro: 0%
  • General fees: low, average
  • Other products available: shares, fractional shares, CFDs and eToro cryptocurrencies
  • EToro minimum deposit: $ 50
  • EToro Demo Version: free
  • Distinctive features of the platform: eToro Copy Trading, Copy Portfolio eToro, Staking eToro

XTB Broker

The features of this platform for trading with ETFs are:

  • XTB ETFs available: More than 200
  • ETF Commissions: 0%
  • General fees: low or average
  • Other products available on XTB broker: shares and CFDs
  • XTB minimum deposit: Not provided
  • XTB demo account: free
  • Distinctive Features of XTB: Free XTB Trading Course

Markets.com Broker

Markets.com Broker offers remarkable technical tools and indicators for trading with dozens of ETFs and guarantees access to markets that are usually not easily accessible.

ETF fees are low or average.

There are also other products available on the platform such as:

  • Stocks and CFDs
  • Markets com Minimum deposit: € 100
  • Free verse Markets.com account demo available
  • Distinctive features of the broker: MetaTrader
  • Interactive Brokers
  • There are over 200 Interactive Brokers ETFs available on the platform. ETF fees are variable.

Among other things, there are other financial products available such as:

  • Actions
  • Warrants
  • Future
  • Raw material
  • CFD
  • Funds, etc.

As for the Interactive Brokers, the minimum deposit is € 2,000.

There is also the free Interactive Brokers demo account version.

The high professionalism of this broker platform also stands out.

Degiro Broker

This platform for trading with ETFs has very low fees, which can attract traders and investors to use the broker in question.

There are more than 5000 DeGiro ETFs available online.

Other products include:

  • Futures
  • Options
  • Actions
  • Bonds
  • Funds
  • ETN

There is no minimum Degiro deposit
The free Demo Degiro version is not available
DeGiro ETF is an easy to use broker.

These are the top 5 etf brokers on the market. Trust them without hesitation, they are safe brokerage platforms with years of experience behind them.

Active ETFs and passive ETFs. Which one to choose?

There are two distinct categories of ETFs:

  • Active ETFs
  • Passive ETFs

Actively managed ETFs

This type of ETF employs a fund manager or manager to build funds

Passive ETFs

The passive ETF, on the other hand, is an ETF that has a reference index, this is the key point.

Investment in index-linked ETFs

The objective of investing in indexed ETFs is to copy the performance of a given index; instead that of active investment in ETFs is to beat the performance of a given index.

This is why active ETFs have high commissions and do not always guarantee success, therefore, novice traders are advised to start with passive ETFs.

In this type of ETF trading, personal goals play an important role in investment selection, it is probably best to consider:

A Nasdaq-indexed ETF

  • An ETF that focuses on companies in strong commercial expansion
  • High-yield ETFs such as the Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETF

Well dear readers of Financial Empires, now through this in-depth article, you have all the information you need to invest in ETFs and choose the best ETF brokers.

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