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Investing nowadays is extremely important, especially with the current times, finding the right sources of investment is essential. One of the safest and most profitable sources is investing in a bank. In this today’s article we will see which is the best bank for safe investments in Italy. We will analyze all the characteristics and peculiarities of the most suitable banking institutions to invest their capital. Which one to choose? Let’s find out together.

What does an investment bank do?

First, let’s see specifically what an investment bank is.

This type of banking institution includes a wide range of financial services designed for companies, public institutions, financial institutions and private investors.

The activity of an investment bank is divided into two distinct areas:

  • The first is business financing
  • The other deals with corporate and investment banking services, also divided into other types of related activities

It should be noted that in the first macro-area, the bank uses its own resources to provide services, as opposed to what it provides in the second; in fact, it should be borne in mind that the single institute is able to offer services referring to both areas.

What is investment banking?

The investment banking business, on the other hand, is based on legal, tax and financial consulting services, such as:

Mergers and acquisitions, which are usually characterized by high operating costs
Specifically, therefore, the areas of interest of investment banks are mainly seven.

The first is a sort of independent macro-area that deals with corporate financing, while the remaining six can easily be grouped into a single distinct category that deals with investment banking, corporate and investment banking services.

Investment Banks and Business Financing

Let us now analyze one of the main activities of the best bank to invest money in Italy, namely, business financing, known in English as corporate lending which in practice is a bank loan activity.

The lending activities of an investment bank are many, below is a list of the main options that these banking institutions offer their customers:

  • The first is commercial financing, designed to finance import export activities
  • Real estate financing or real estate financing, designed for those who want to invest in the real estate sector
  • Then there are direct loans, perfect for financing credits and managing cash flows
  • Medium-long term mortgages and loans, which can start from 5 years up to a maximum of 30
  • We also find hybrid financing, provided through debt and offering characteristics similar to company capital, also known as hybrid financing
  • Finally, we have loans dedicated to companies that deal with specific categories
  • Corporate finance consists of all forms of financial support given to a company to support its strategic growth or turnaround decisions.

Corporate finance what is it?

Another area that the best banks for investing deal with is corporate finance.

The activities carried out are many and varied, for example we can find:

  • Mergers
  • Spin off
  • Subdivisions
  • Acquisitions

They also deal with corporate restructuring in the event of a corporate crisis and, in the perspective of a corporate bank, is treated in two specific types:

  • By law, or in court, through the law
  • Out of law, i.e. activities that exclude recourse to a court, trying to reach a peaceful agreement between the parties involved

Best Investment Bank, which one to choose?

Now let’s see which are the best banks to invest, therefore, we will analyze in which bank it is convenient to invest the money.


Let’s start our ranking of the best investment bank with Fineco Bank, one of the best banks for trading investments.

We are talking about a banking group among the first to have offered investment activities to its customers, stably promoting this type of activity, in particular, in a digitalized way using platforms that are always modern and further improved over time.

In concrete terms, it takes very little time to open a Fineco account, even online if you want and, in addition to traditional services, Fineco offers several options for which account to open to invest today.

The investment activities made available by the Fineco bank for its customers are many. Among the most important we find:

  • Daily Option Fineco
  • Fineco securities
  • Investing in stocks
  • Contracts for difference
  • Bonds


Another best Italian investment bank is undoubtedly UniCredit, a historic group that has been present on a permanent basis for several years, among other things, it holds a substantial market share in Italy.

Among the most quoted Italian investment banks, it offers a series of innovative services ranging from the credit sector to the strictly financial one.

It also offers the possibility to manage all activities through UniCredit Internet Banking and undertake various types of investments, from trading to classic services.


Another historical institution, founded even in 1886 is Banca Sella. In addition to traditional financial and payment services, including digital ones, it offers its customers various options and can be defined as one of the best banks to invest.

Through the convenient and intuitive Banca Sella application you can have total control of movements and you can also access a large number of securities and funds to invest in, guaranteeing all registered customers the best tools and the ability to choose between different platforms. trading.


Another institution that can be considered as the best investment bank based on price quality is Mediobanca, founded in 1946 in Milan.

It is one of the main Italian banks, with a capitalization of over 8 billion euros and thousands of subscribers.

This Italian banking company, in recent years, has developed ad hoc services for its customers, focusing above all on simplified management and digitization, developing tailor-made investment offers for those who decide to rely on them.


The last best bank for making safe investments that we are going to discuss in our article is Intesa Sanpaolo, one of the longest-running and renowned institutions, with hundreds of Intesa San Paolo branches throughout the country.

In recent times, the group has focused heavily on digital services and features. It also offers traditional financial services and investment services in step with the times and, of course, mortgages, loans and all the routine activities that modern banking institutions offer, paying particular attention to the relationship with their customers.

Well dear friends of Financial Empires, thanks to our guide to the best investment bank you have a good variety of institutions where you can safely invest your money. Now you finally know in which bank it is convenient to invest the money.

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