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Welcome back dear friends of Financial Empires, we are pleased that you always follow us assiduously, we always try to improve ourselves to offer you daily level content. In today’s article, we will deal with a really interesting topic, we will talk about current accounts for minors. In fact, it is important that children also have their own current account, which can also be useful for empowering adolescent children who will thus have the opportunity to manage their savings independently. We will see the best current accounts for minors, the reviews and the various characteristics and opinions on the latter.

What is a current account for minors?

When we talk about current accounts for young people at zero expenses and for minors, we are referring to a specific financial instrument designed specifically for teenagers who have not yet reached the age of majority, which can prove to be as useful for them as it is for their parents.

Since it allows them to control the movements they make, whenever they want. Yes, because the period of parents giving cash to their children for weekly expenses is over, now it is all cashless, all virtual and online, and banking institutions aware that the relationship with money is no longer the same, have started to include current accounts for young people and minors among their offers and proposals.

Basically, these are convenient current accounts for minors managed mainly by their parents, but the amount present in the account is at the complete disposal of the minor in question, money that once reached the age of majority can be invested, for example, to start a startup. , a business in the first person or perhaps to make your dream come true, kept there for many years.

How to open a current account for minors?

The current account for minors is opened by the parents and registered in the name of their child. But let’s get specific, usually in these convenient current accounts for minors, the opening is reserved for parents, who after their children have reached the age of 12, can sign this sort of savings book.

In fact, these current accounts for minors look a lot like the classic accounts for adults.

With the best current accounts for minors you can receive and send wire transfers, withdraw both in our territory and abroad, and it is also possible to have cards associated with the account, to make purchases.

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Another feature of this type of accounts for minors is the digital piggy bank, a perfect tool for educating young people to save, who through this will be able to set aside small amounts when they want, in anticipation of purchases of a certain value.

Some current accounts for minors offer parents the possibility of inserting usage limits, to allow them to constantly monitor expenses and outgoings, precisely because this type of best current accounts for minors allow you to make many operations available in the accounts for adults.

In addition to receiving and making wire transfers and allowing withdrawals in any ATM of the circuit, it is possible to cash and issue checks, in addition to this, it allows you to top up your prepaid card linked to the account. Of course, you can shop and pay bills.

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Particularly relevant is the fact that there are many banking institutions that offer online current accounts for minors, given the familiarity of young people with the virtual and digital world.

Consequently, in the vast majority, this type of online account is free of charge, connected to the management of the same, and it is for this reason that most of the current accounts for minors are so widespread and practical.

Best current accounts for minors

Now let’s see together which are the best current accounts for minors available on the market.


The first current account for minors that we want to offer you is that of the Hype Bank, which offers perfect current accounts to be managed through the exclusive application, with dedicated Mobile Banking services.

The Hype offer for minors, at no charge, includes free wire transfers and free withdrawals per day up to € 250 and monthly up to € 1000, the maximum annual balance that can be managed from the app is up to € 7500.

Through the Hype app you can control expenses, set savings goals and send and receive money from your contacts.

The offer starts from 12 years and up and includes a Hype debit card for daily purchases.

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Selfy Mediolanum account

The second account that we are going to see is the Mediolanum Selfy Account, a reliable and solid bank that has been operating for years in Italy, it only takes a few minutes and by doing everything online with simple steps you can become a customer. Everything is managed via the Selfy Conto app.

This is also a current account for minors that includes special conditions, even for the under 30s, for example, it does not include activation fees and no annual fee, always up to the age of 30, including various products, services and benefits such as:

Savings on current account management costs

A debit card, free and made of eco-sustainable material, usable online and via smartphone in Italy and around the world.
The Mediolanum selfy account offer also includes free withdrawals and transfers and Internet & Mobile Banking services included.


Another very valid option is undoubtedly Tinaba by Banca Profilo. Opening this account is totally free as is the annual fee. Moreover, one is exempted from paying stamp duty because the bank itself takes care of it.

In addition to this, the first 24 withdrawals in Europe are free of charge, while transfers and wire transfers are always free.

When opening a Tinaba account, you can add a prepaid MasterCard card, with which you can make purchases both online and physically in stores.

Crédit Agricole

A very advantageous free current account for minors is the Easy current account from Crédit Agricole.

First of all, the Credit Agricole registration is free, moreover, it has a zero current account fee, you will only pay the stamp duty of 34.20 euros per year if the stock exceeds 5,000 euros.

This Credit Agricole account has an associated Italian IBAN and also includes a debit card.


The last one we present is the Illimity current account for minors, which includes management costs equal to zero, since it has no physical branches.

Considering that this online account for minors uses the best technologies in the field of security, therefore, it is particularly suitable for young people, since it is equipped with a function that allows you to manage finances.

Therefore, the Illimity current account is perfect to have a basis on the future control of your financial resources.

Well dear readers of Financial Empires, now you have clearer ideas on which are the best current accounts for minors.

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