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Italy has always been recognized as one of the most influential countries in the fashion world, for decades our stylists have been among the best in the industry. Pioneers and innovators, they bring prestige to our nation and are a source of pride and pride. Jobs in fashion are very coveted, especially by the many young people who undertake school careers capable of training adequately in order to then be able to enter this sector of excellence. I invite you to discover with us all the professionals in fashion.

The world of fashion is fascinating and tempting, the image of a model parading on the catwalk with her sinuous stride, an elegant and confident gait, winking in the spotlight surrounded by glances hidden by large dark glasses and sometimes envy for these beautiful creatures. But what lies behind an apparently simple act is a work of months and months.

Fashion jobs. A real kaleidoscope

Scrupulous and methodical, where nothing is left to chance. The fashion industry is a wonderful kaleidoscope made up of various talents:

  • Artists
  • Manager
  • Creators
  • Laborers
  • Artisans

These are just some of the fashion professions that are part of this colorful world. But what many people don’t know is that the fashion production process is among the most complex and multifaceted in the entire Italian economy, but that it opens the doors to the most remote markets, given that as we said earlier, Italy is one of the most renowned countries when it comes to fashion; in fact, according to a survey by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion, the salary of the average worker in luxury fashion is almost 50% higher than the minimum wage in Italy.

The World of Fashion. Moody and Captivating

The fashion industry can offer extremely attractive salaries and for this reason too many are alerted to finding a job in this area. But what are the characteristics required to find jobs in fashion?

Surely it takes will, commitment and perseverance, because as you can easily guess, we are talking about a highly competitive sector.

Fashion is highly cyclical, ephemeral, moody. Companies are looking for talent who can keep up with the latest trends and anticipate them.

We are talking about people with strong creative skills and a lot of imagination. Let’s see which are the professional figures in fashion, specifically the most sought after and important ones.

What do you need to dedicate yourself to fashion jobs?

The main skills to be part of the world of fashion work, fundamental to aiming at occupying leading roles, are:

Undoubtedly the knowledge of the English language, of a very high level (almost mother tongue), and preferably also the knowledge of a second language
Being well versed in the use of information technologies such as PCs, smartphones and all devices in current use, given that online fashion marketing is one of the pillars in the world of fashion today, therefore, familiarity in the use of social media proves to be a basic requirement and essential for those who want to try their hand at new jobs in fashion
Another feature that is highly recommended is to have a good knowledge of the world of fashion, the history of fashion and the great protagonists of fashion.
Obviously, another requirement that the candidate cannot do without is good taste, originality, elegance and an aesthetic sense
As we said, in order to work in the fashion system you need to have a passion for fashion, competence and a first-rate training.

Therefore, one must be willing to study hard and prepare for years of apprenticeship before starting a real career in the sector of competence.

Fashion professionals. The most requested

Usually when you think of the world of Italian fashion, the first figures that come to mind are stylists and models, but there are more professional figures in fashion than you can imagine. Let’s start by saying that there are professions in fashion that deal with monitoring and are transversal professions, then there are those related more to development and production tout court.

You work in fashion. Transversal Professions

These professional figures in the fashion sector are defined as transversal because they collaborate with the various company sections. The tasks revolve around the product and its image, in fact these figures in fashion deal with carrying out targeted market research in order to define future plans and objectives of the company with which they collaborate, through surveys and market research, suitable for obtaining information on the fashion trends of the moment.

The fashion professions that are part of this branch are:

  • Brand Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • CSR Manager

They mainly deal with managerial and fashion marketing tasks.

Product Sector

In this work fashion sector we find professionals who contribute to the research, creation and production of the product. These collaborative resources are able to give birth to the designer’s ideas, working in direct contact with the latter. We analyze in particular the duties of these people.


The first we are going to analyze is the merchandiser. He is responsible for creating new guidelines for fashion collections, collaborating with various company figures, starting with Buyers, the fashion marketing sector, up to the stylist and brand manager.

Creative director

Secondly, let’s deal with another professional category in the fashion sector, which is very fundamental: the creative director. Not all being created by a single fashion designer, the fashion lines are entrusted to the supervision of this professional figure in fashion.

Organize and coordinate the work of designers and model makers. He has to coordinate the artistic side by amalgamating with the more technical side of the fashion market analysis.

Pattern maker

Another key figure is certainly that of the Pattern Maker, who takes care of translating the fashion designer’s sketches into real creations.

His duties range from the creation of models, the choice of fabrics based on the type and effect desired by the fashion designer, and the creation of prototypes.

Alongside the pattern maker, the Product manager works closely, the one who monitors all phases of the product and studies the market on which to position it in order to maximize earnings.

Last but not least, the fashion stylist or fashion designer: the one who creates the fashion collection themes, the models and everything that revolves around the belonging fashion brand.

Fashion Retail

The last section we are going to discuss is that of fashion retail. Fundamental to the economy and the development of the company, it fulfills its sales role and contributes to the growth of the reputation of the fashion brand. This category includes fashion professionals such as:

  • Buyer
  • Area commercial director and store manager
  • Visual merchandising

Fashion 2.0. Charm is in fashion

In this article on fashion jobs we have tried to analyze the main professionals in the sector. Obviously, there are many other roles that make up the mosaic within the fashion houses.

Today, we can certainly confirm that new fashion professionals are carving out more and more space, especially online:

Activities such as fashion bloggers and influencers have changed the language of communication in the fashion world, and for companies they are incredibly effective promotional tools
These digital content producers are perfect for advertising new fashion collections, trendy clothes or accessories. Having a following of millions of people, they are an exceptional vehicle for making new creations known as much as possible at relatively low cost. Will this be the future of fashion? Posterity will judge.

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