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There are many forms of investment, you can invest in brick, invest in finance, play and speculate on the stock market, buy cryptocurrencies, stocks and funds. In today’s article, we will deal with another very profitable alternative over time, in fact we are referring to investment gold bars, universally recognized as a safe haven asset that is meeting the attention of many people.

Is investing in gold worthwhile?

Let’s start now with seeing how to invest in gold, where to buy gold as an investment and how much it is worthwhile to invest in gold, because as we mentioned earlier, if the financial markets are in a stalemate, investing in gold today represents an excellent alternative for savers.

Hours as a safe haven
We would like to point out that gold, the precious metal, is the safe haven asset par excellence and guarantees a good income.

Physical gold and financial gold

There are many ways to invest in gold, as in addition to physical gold, you can also invest in financial gold, which in most cases includes an investment share in Borsa Italiana gold ETFs.

This type of gold investment can be done in several ways. In fact, being a precious metal, it can be used to trade gold and therefore bet on the rise or fall of its price.

Invest in physical gold

Investing in physical investment gold can also act as a protection for your capital, obviously hoping that the value of gold will grow progressively.

Another alternative may be to include gold, futures or other financial assets always related to the mining industry of this material in the investment portfolio of ETFs.

As mentioned, the variants of investment in gold bars are numerous and varied.

How convenient is it to invest in gold?

We know that precious metals such as investment gold are an excellent choice for investing both for institutional agents, such as central banks and for individuals, precisely because international banks buy gold to protect the currency reserves of their branches.

Especially after the Golden System was no longer used, the exchange rates between the various currencies experienced many fluctuations; therefore, precisely for this reason, the best method to avoid inflation is undoubtedly investing in different assets and investing in gold bars.

Due to the minimal correlation with most commodities, gold is able to be marginally exposed to market fluctuations; moreover, since it is used sparingly by industry, it manages to keep its value constant, especially in periods of lower GDP.

Investing in gold bars for financial security

Investing money in gold bars is a security because it can be defined as a cross between a commodity and a currency and, therefore, does not depend on the decisions of the governments in which it is purchased.

We take into account that the gold bullion price for sale is certainly on the rise, especially as a result of the emergency caused by the war in Ukraine, which has already had significant repercussions on all world financial markets.

In this regard, further news on the issue also arrives from the USA, according to the president of the FED Powell, a further index will bring excellent prospects for the increase in the value of gold bars in the bank, after months of high inflation.

How and where to buy gold bars

In the current market we can find different types of investment gold:

Physical gold, classic method of purchase, for example through investment gold bars
Paper gold, also referred to as financial gold
Of these types, we will analyze all the characteristics that compose them.

Financial gold

Let’s start with the analysis of paper gold.

This type of gold, in practice, is a certified fund, or ETC, belongs to the category of specialized financial instruments that allow you to invest in commodities through the use of financial derivatives.

This means that you do not buy physical gold, but financial products that have a dynamic yield determined by the investment gold price.

Physical gold

Then there is the other gold investment alternative, namely:

  • Physical gold
  • Gold bars
  • Gold jewelry e
  • Similar products, of any weight

We immediately specify that the value of gold per gram is inversely proportional to the weight; therefore, 100 gold bars of one gram have a higher value than an ingot of the same specific weight, given that the production cost is higher.

A quality gold bar includes:

  • The serial number
  • 99.5% purity and
  • A weight certification
  • Types of gold bars

To clarify, let’s start by saying that the price gold bars are basically divided into three categories.

Let’s see what these types of investment gold bars are.

1 kg gold bars
Let’s start with the 1 kg ones. This type are the most popular gold bars by investors and the finance sector.

This is because having a specific weight, they can generate a well-defined amount of money and are used to move large amounts of money, given their practicality for travel, compared to the amount they carry.

Gold ingot 300 grams
The second variant is that of 10 ounces or 300 grams, this bar is generally used by all types of investors; but compared to investment bars they are less used.

They are ideal to keep in a safe, both at home and in a bank.

Gold ingot 30 grams
Finally, we find the 1 ounce investment bars (which correspond to about 30 grams) and they are the perfect bars for those who intend to invest in gold bars for sale (from a low price).

They are basically a valid alternative to numismatics.

These one-ounce gold investment bars have a value of around 600 euros and are undoubtedly easy to buy for a wide range of buyers.

Where to buy investment gold bars?
Physical gold can be purchased both in the bank and online.

Buying gold bars in the bank

People who choose to purchase gold bars at the bank have the opportunity to:

  • Speak to a consultant directly
  • Get information on market trends
  • Find out if the bank offers a gold shelter system and any future alternative investments.
  • Purchase gold bars online

If, on the other hand, you opt for the purchase of gold bars online, you must be very careful, especially the site you decide to turn to, as there are many fraudulent or untrustworthy and sometimes unsafe gold platforms.

Invest in the stock.

Gold ingot price

The last thing to keep under control before investing in gold bars for sale are the gold prices of the day on the market, both physically (at retailers) and on the internet (referring only to proven sources).

The page of Il sole 24 ore, for example, provides a daily gold quote in real time, both on the price and on the nominal value of gold.

Another newspaper that provides this information is the Financial Times, which offers the opportunity to follow the Gold section and thus discover the trends of the precious metal worldwide.

Dear friends of Financial Empires, thanks to our indications you can now peacefully buy investment gold bars without any problem.

Financial Empires, The Editorial Staff



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