Guide To Creating A Successful Blog

Welcome back to Financial Empires, today we will see how to create a successful blog, we will provide you with a short guide on how to start creating your first website and we will also see how to start writing valuable content for your readers in order to make it a business that could also become your first source of income.

In fact, nowadays it is known that the blog has become one of the means made available in the new millennium to start a profitable business, there are many names of authoritative bloggers who have succeeded in the enterprise, becoming millionaires, clearly it is not easy and not it’s for everyone, but it’s possible, let’s see how to get started.

How to create a blog, The choice of the theme

The first thing to do when you want to create a blog is to choose the theme we want to talk about, for example if you like to travel you could think of creating a travel blog in which to talk to your readers about your adventures around the world. , or if you like fashion you could create a blog to give style tips and much more.

Our advice when choosing the topic that will be covered in your blog is to get as close as possible to a niche and be less generalist as possible to avoid clashing with too high competition, and maybe start expanding your themes one certain objectives in terms of visits and domain authority have been achieved.

Which hosting to choose to create a blog website

Once you have chosen the topic that will be discussed in our blog, the choice of hosting becomes essential, that is the company that will provide us with the space on the web that will only be ours and clearly a domain name that allows ours readers to be able to reach us.

Beware of the extension

Before talking about hosting, let’s take stock of the domain to choose. As you may have noticed, any domain ends in .COM, .IT, .NET .ORG etc., so which extension to choose for the blog?

The answer is simple .IT if you want your blog to be read only by Italians .COM if you think you want to translate your blog into multiple languages. The .COM extension is the most used therefore it will sound more professional than .NET or .ORG.

The choice of domain

Now returning to the domain let’s try to understand how to choose the domain for the blog in the best way. First of all, it must not be long, a short domain name will be easier to memorize, maximum 15 characters excluding the extension clearly.

Secondly, the domain name should reflect the topic being discussed, better if it contains keywords or words that are very searched for on the net for the topic you want to deal with.

Avoid putting dates or things that become obsolete over time like Travel2022 because it is clear that the following year your domain will no longer look professional.

The choice of hosting

As we said, the choice of hosting is very important, it is the company we will rely on throughout the journey not only for the very low and negligible economic costs to start a successful blog, but also for assistance. technique that we will need when the first technical problems appear that are always around the corner especially when we tweak to set the theme according to our tastes.

Our advice is to choose Aruba if you want to save as much as possible, while Siteground if you want to have as few problems as possible but above all have assistance always available via chat.

How much does it cost to create a blog

Creating a blog as we have already anticipated does not involve excessive costs, on the contrary we can define them as derisory, in fact the start-up cost varies from 10 to 20 euros, while the annual fee from 40 to 200 based on the plan you choose and the hosting company. which you will rely on.

How to create a blog with WordPress

Now that you have chosen your domain and purchased your hosting it is clear that before starting to write you need to install the CMS or content manage system, through which you can set the theme and insert the contents. Nothing easier!

As for Siteground, just go to Cpanel and click on install WordPress, you will only have to enter the name of the site and some other information, nothing complicated.

For Aruba it is slightly different, if you choose the cheapest plan or Hosting Linux Easy you can install WordPress from the control panel by clicking on Softaculus, then you will have to click on the WordPress icon, to proceed with the installation you will have to enter the host name, database name and password , all information that you will find in the emails as soon as they have activated the database.

Once this is done, your site will be ready for installing a theme and inserting content, just go to your site.com/wp-admin to access the WordPress panel.

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