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One of the many questions that investors ask themselves is certainly how to invest 40,000 euros today to make their savings bear fruit, given that in today’s market we can find many solutions and opportunities to enhance the money we have put aside, accumulated often and willingly, with sacrifices and hard work. We will see what business can be opened with 40,000 euros, the best current investments and how to invest 40,000 euros.

Where is it cheaper to invest today?

Let’s see and analyze some of the sectors where to invest today.

Deposit accounts

Let’s start with the first safe investment proposal that we want to deal with in this article, that is deposit accounts that usually have affordable interest rates and for this reason act as a safe deposit box for liquidity, and also offer a satisfactory remuneration.

To do this, the investor must renounce the right to withdraw the invested capital.

Said safe deposit accounts guarantee exponential returns, based on the period of the time constraint.

Monetary funds

The second option is money market funds. The latter are nothing more than mutual money market investment funds that provide short-term bond products, liquidity and other variants of financial instruments, and it is their main characteristic that makes them particularly stable investments, especially in periods of marked market volatility. ensuring a certain safety.

Investing in monetary funds is considered an excellent alternative to chase away fears of dangers if the bank that issues them runs into significant financial problems.

Real estate investments

Real estate investments are also an alternative that has recently caught on a lot, meeting the sympathy of many investors.

Keep in mind, however, that investing in brick is not easy, for example:

The purchase and sale operations have high costs and in any case require time to identify hypothetical buyers or possibly renters, and this undoubtedly involves risks, problems and thoughts
Furthermore, the real estate market is closely linked to the dynamics of supply and demand. It is therefore not at all obvious to find the right deal. If you are wrong, it is not so easy to return the initial investment.

Having said that, we still believe that the brick sector remains a field with good profit margins, as long as you have previous experience in this area and rely on trained and competent people.

Buy shares

Finally, we face a classic form of where to put money to make it profitable, that is, the trading of shares, or according to current terminology, online trading.

But how does it work? Simple, by purchasing capital shares of companies and invest in the stock, you finance the same, participate in the distribution of profits, and if the company goes wrong, you suffer the loss of the capital invested, the consequence is the lowering of the value of the shares themselves.

Otherwise, however, when the value of the shares increases, the invested capital increases, in step with the percentage increase of the same.

However, before starting to invest with online trading, we recommend that you have basic financial knowledge, or possibly, you can rely on a financial consultant or broker.

Among the most profitable stocks we find the best known and most listed companies on the market. Some examples of the most interesting:

  • Amazon shares
  • Apple shares
  • Walt Disney shares on the stock exchange
  • And many other publicly traded companies that offer good long-term returns.

How to invest 40,000 euros today?

As discussed above, for many people, workers, artisans and small investors, setting aside a figure like 40,000 euros can mean making sacrifices for several years, and therefore, it must be valued as much as possible, this means maximizing one’s investment with criteria.

Fortunately, today there are many forms of investment that can be selected based on one’s skills and experience.

Let’s see some options where to invest 40,000 euros.

Is it worth investing 40,000 euros in the bank today?

One of the first alternatives that we want to offer you is the system for how to invest 40,000 euros in banking products today.

Let’s talk about the classic solutions proposed by banks that offer variable but safe returns.

The first is the term deposit which is practically the immobilization of the capital over three, six, twelve months and guarantees a percentage of interest based on the months of duration of the contractual stipulation.

The second that we recommend is investments in bonds and government securities. This investment allows you to have good returns on the amount invested, with a low risk through State guarantees.

Invest in Franchising
An excellent solution for which business you can open with 40,000 euros is to open a franchise. In this way, it is possible to benefit from a registered trademark and already well integrated into the working fabric, just deal with the sale of products and services.

In concrete terms, opening a franchise shop is certainly a good alternative that allows you to have your own stability, and in the future, a guaranteed economic income; obviously the parent company must be paid royalties as a percentage of the sales made.

Open an e-commerce
If the idea of ​​physically opening a business is frightening, the solution is to open an e-commerce by investing 40,000 euros as it works, it allows you to organize a strategy to fit into a specific sector, all completely online.

It is only necessary to take into account the costs for the purchase of the goods, the storage of the products, and the management of the site, or the online store.

An e-commerce managed in the best way allows you to obtain excellent results.

Invest 40,000 euros in gold and precious stones

Investing 40,000 euros in gold or precious stones, such as investment diamonds, is certainly an interesting way to enhance one’s capital.

It must be borne in mind that the raw materials must be carefully stored, therefore a suitable place for conservation must be found.

An alternative solution is CFD trading, which consists in replicating the trend of the commodity market, without necessarily having to have the product physically.

Invest 40,000 euros in startups

The latest variant that we are going to present to you is the investment of 40,000 euros in a Startup, which are basically companies looking for capital that are used to develop their business idea.

In this case, you can decide whether to invest in the startup directly, or use crowdfunding services, which means that by making a donation, there is usually a minimum amount of entry, you become in effect a lender of this company.

Well dear readers of Financial Empires, thanks to our guide on how to invest 40,000 euros today, you are ready to enter the market and experiment with various types of viable options.

Financial Empires, The Editorial Staff



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