How to Invest 50.000 Euros Without Risks: Useful Tips

In the business world, more precisely if we talk about investments, we can find a myriad of variations. Many small worlds in which to enter and try to grow your capital. In this article, we will see how to invest 50.000 euros without risk and where it is convenient to make them pay. Let’s find out below.

How to invest money without risk?

The majority of people entering the markets for the first time to invest 50.000 euros will surely ask themselves these questions:

  • Is it possible to invest without risk?
  • Where to invest your savings without risk?

We would like to immediately specify that this is, unfortunately, only a dream.

In fact, it is technically impossible to invest without risking the capital, we can instead try to limit the damage and aim to have a sure return, even lower economically, than what we had set out in the beginning.

In this article, we will try to explain how to do it and give you some ideas on where to invest 50.000 euros.

Postal savings bonds

Let’s start with the first option to consider if you want to invest 50.000 euros without risk, we are talking about postal savings bonds, in practice these are securities issued by Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) and can be purchased from Post Offices.

Their main characteristic is that their value remains unchanged over time, in fact, the latter will in any case be reimbursed at the value equal to the issue value.

Let’s now see, in brief, the main types.

Types of postal savings bonds

Ordinary postal vouchers

This type of ordinary postal savings certificates have a maximum duration of 20 years and increasing rates, based on the duration of the contractual stipulation.

In this case, the interest accrues after the first year, after which every two months.

3 × 4 interest-bearing bonds

Then we find the 3 × 4 fruiting bonds. These are securities that last a maximum period of 12 years and, here the interests have a higher rate than ordinary ones, and are distributed every three years.

If cashed in in the first 36 months, this type of postal voucher pays no interest.

4 × 4 interest-bearing bonds

The 4 × 4 BFPs, another variant of postal vouchers, have the same operation as the previous ones, but with interest that accrues every 4 years and a maximum duration of 16 years.

BFP 4 years simple savings

Another alternative are the 4-year simple savings vouchers. As can be easily understood, they have a maximum duration of 4 years and can be subscribed by choosing an installment.

Objective 65 postal savings bonds

Finally, we find the objective 65 postal savings bonds, designed for a specific audience, are perfect for having a monthly income up to the age of 80 and, in this case, the capital is repayable at any time.

Cryptocurrencies and Shelter Assets
Two other types of how to invest 50.000 euros without risk are undoubtedly safe-haven assets and cryptocurrencies. The former are physical products which, substantially, do not lose their value over time, even if it must be considered that they are non-interest bearing investments and this can expose those who decide to invest in this sector to losses, especially when the markets undergo fluctuations.

The refuge assets par excellence are gold, precious stones such as diamonds, works of art and real estate.

Recently, cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoin, have gained a lot of ground, but they are also a very volatile category.

Therefore, it is better to pay attention and to get well informed, before taking the longest step of the leg.

In what to invest 50.000 euros without risk?

Nowadays, anyone with a figure like 50.000 euros aside, can certainly consider themselves lucky, but many are still looking for investments that allow them to make these savings fruitful, perhaps without many risks, looking for sectors with a safe and no income. many side effects.

Let’s see among the options that the market reserves for us, which are the best on where to invest 50.000 euros without risk.

Government bonds
Undoubtedly, government bonds still remain a safe source for investing:

  • Government Bonds Bots
  • CCT government bonds
  • CTZ government bonds, for example, offer a low but safe yield without risking losing your money.

Deposit accounts

Another interesting alternative is represented by a safe deposit account with discrete levels of interest.

The best choices at the moment are the Rendimax deposit account and the Poste Italiane deposit account, with which, as seen above, it is also possible to invest in postal savings bonds, here too, not high yield, but safe.

Purchase of real estate

What to do with 50.000 euros? You could focus on real estate investments, for example, investing in real estate.

Since house prices have been decreasing lately, especially if we go to small towns, perhaps in southern Italy or in mountain villages, we can do some great deals, with the prospect of renting the property through resale or renting it. directly.

Investing in Startups

A more particular alternative which, however, is not free from risks, is to invest in innovative startups, in fact, betting on these companies can guarantee high earnings, but there is also the downside, especially in the initial phase, of losing the invested capital.

In short, we can say that this type of investment is a world full of opportunities but also of many unknowns.

ETFs and Funds

To invest 50.000 euros, you can choose to bet on a group of securities and shares, but today there are much less risky alternatives, compared to the previous ones and which guarantee more yield over time, such as ETFs and mutual funds.

Through these tools you can change the contents in a simple and effective way.

Exchange Traded Funds, this is the full name of ETFs, offer the possibility of investing in specific sub-funds and markets, and allow you to purchase fund units and company shares, without having to buy them individually.

Online trading

Another possibility that the investment market offers is certainly that of online trading.

It must be said, however, that managing a trading account in person is not very advisable, even if you can generate high gains immediately, it is preferable to rely on professionals in the sector, or brokers, precisely because an independent consultant helps. in planning the investment, the client advises him on how to manage the investment portfolio between stocks, bonds, commodities and alternative assets.

We therefore advise against managing on your own unless after having done a lot of practice, perhaps with demo trading accounts, available for free on the trading platforms. Therefore, it is not recommended to go solo in a highly competitive sector and where good basic knowledge is expected.

Finally invest in the stock to get profit.

Well dear readers of Financial Empires, through our article today you can easily decide how to invest 50.000 euros without risk.

Financial Empires, The Editorial Staff



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