How To Make Money Online As Minors, The Complete Guide

Welcome back dear friends of Financial Empires, we are always very happy to find you here with us every day. In our daily article, we will tackle a very current topic, namely, how to make money online as a minor. Yes, with our complete guide we are going to explore all the best options for how to work online as a minor.

With the technologies we have available today, it is much easier to be able to work on the Internet and earn, for this reason, we will explain how to make money online as minors safely.

How to make money online?

Let’s start by understanding how to make money as minors at home, if you have not yet celebrated your eighteenth birthday but would still like to try to earn something, there are several alternatives that you could easily bet on.

Well, reading our article to the end, we are sure that you will find many ideas to start working, invent a job and earn money online as minors with apps.

Obviously, we are talking about ideal jobs to make money as minors while respecting all the laws; therefore, if you are between 14 and 18, our guide will be very useful.

Generation Z and online work

In recent times, many underage children have begun to earn and understand how to make money online without investing thanks to the internet.

Let’s take as an example the Youtubers, Influencers and Bloggers, more or less known, who have made it a real job that guarantees them a certain economic income, including the many who have not yet turned 18 but already bill a lot. interesting.

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Considering that many started for fun, to have fun and spend time on social media, but also to share their passions, then receiving several requests for collaborations with well-known and sometimes very famous companies and brands, with specific cases that they managed to earn exorbitant bucks.

So one of the first ideas that we would like to advise you on how to make money online guys is to try to create content on the most popular social media references.

Platforms to make money online

Currently there are really many apps on the market to earn money from minors online, look for the ones that are best for you and start earning.

Among the best known, especially from the age target we are referring to, there are for example:

  • TikTok
  • Twitch
  • Instagram
  • YouTube

Through the creation of videos, reels and other types of content, if you have talent or even just luck, you will be able to make yourself known quickly by many users of the platforms themselves and you will also be noticed by potential brands, ready to invest in you.

Of course, you can also monetize through the views of the videos you have published. However, we want to specify that to obtain satisfactory results it takes a lot of effort, dedication and a lot of time to invest in this online job. Otherwise, you will hardly be able to emerge and make significant gains.

Undoubtedly, monitoring and studying the sector could prove to be quite useful.

Open a blog

Another similar solution to the social media segment can be how to earn money at 16 online by opening your own blog.

To do this, it is undoubtedly necessary to have skills in this area, and sometimes, especially at the beginning, the gains will not be fast and immediate.

An alternative if you want to earn underage money online faster, the simplest solution is to collaborate with other platforms and write articles for other blogs.

It will certainly not be like expressing your ideas in first person, since compared to your personal blog, writing for others many times means being subject to certain editorial lines or perhaps having to talk about topics you are not particularly interested in.

But to gain experience in the sector and bring home some money, that’s just fine, also because you can earn from € 2 up to € 25 for each single article published, and based on the length of the same, the content, and the typology of the treated topic, you can earn higher figures, in particular, if you go to write on more refined and particular topics.

How to earn money at 14 online?

Another very simple method for how to make money online as a minor app is to sell items on the Internet, or things that are not usually used or that simply do not interest us anymore, on e-commerce sites such as:

  • Immediately
  • Vinted
  • Wallapop
  • Ebay

Which are the best online sales platforms of the most known and used used today in our territory and, which are able to accommodate a very large user base.

In addition, anyone can sell on these sites, including minors. So, if you are wondering how to make money online as a minor, here is the answer!

How to sell online as a private individual?

To be able to sell on these platforms the most important thing is to enhance the product to be sold as much as possible. For this reason, it will be necessary to take detailed and precise photos, focusing on all the details.

All in all, success in online sales focuses on taking beautiful, captivating photos and inserting studied descriptions that best enhance our product, are the essential things to start from.

Another thing that can facilitate how to sell online as a private individual for free is to insert competitive prices, therefore in the average or just below; to do this, we advise you to check the prices that other proposals similar to yours have, so as to study the right strategy to grab potential customers interested in that particular item or item of clothing.

An excellent idea that has taken off a lot lately is to resell; it is not just about selling their unused objects or clothes, there are also those who manage to earn by wandering in the markets or in the neighborhood shops by finding interesting products and, after buying them cheaply, putting them on sale, obviously at lower prices high on these websites.

Earn with welcome bonuses

The last proposal we present to you is to take advantage of the various welcome bonuses. Many e-commerce sites, such as Amazon or Ebay, offer gift certificates for those who open their own account on their platforms.

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And so do several companies such as HYPE, TINABA and N26, which give a small amount of entry available to the new bank account when opening an online account.

In short, dear reader friends of Financial Empires, now you have several ideas on how to make money online as minors to put into practice to start earning.

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