How To Sell A House Quickly Without Risks

Welcome back dear loyal readers of Financial Empires, we are always very happy and honored to have you again here with us, more and more numerous. In today’s article we will see how to sell a house quickly. We will analyze the real estate market prices, where to put the ads and to whom to sell the house quickly without risk.

How to sell a house quickly?

We know well that understanding how to be able to sell a difficult house is an operation that requires some commitment, given that you have to consider the situation of the real estate sector in that specific period, study the competition and try to have an evaluation of your property that is satisfactory first. to place it on the market.

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For this we can safely say that the real estate purchase is a complex process that requires a certain period to be completed, obviously, in some cases this procedure can be extended for a series of reasons, inherent to the property and the obligations deriving from the sale of the same.

Because to understand who to sell a house to quickly requires a lot of attention, strategy and determination, especially if you need to get rid of the property in question quickly.

What is the state of the property?

We immediately specify that what has the greatest impact on the value and which may or may not establish a quick real estate sale is the state of conservation of the property, for this reason the low maintenance and deterioration of certain areas can hinder or slow down the purchase by potential clients.

Therefore, our advice is to fix the various problems and improve the environments, before putting the property on the market.

We are not talking about full-blown renovations, although in some circumstances it would be useful to carry out certain works, to remedy and correct defects and neglect due to neglect or the simple passage of time.

How to enhance a property for sale?

Let’s see some concrete examples for how to enhance a property for sale.

  • We can change the fixtures
  • Sand chipped floors
  • Arrange the bathrooms
  • Changing sanitary ware

They are certainly investments that will allow you to present your property in the best way, helping to sell it faster and at the same time allow you to establish a higher property sale price.

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In short, when you choose to sell your property, the most important works must be carefully evaluated.

What to renovate in a house?

The first rooms among the most important to renovate are usually the bathroom and the kitchen, which involves considerable costs and construction times, precisely because the conditions of these environments can significantly vary the overall judgment of potential customers.

There is no doubt that if you are dealing with renovated spaces, or in any case kept in order, the perception of potential buyers will be that of buying a newer and more reliable home.

However, we would like to advise you to carry out these types of work only when strictly necessary, given that in some situations you can simply make targeted measures, such as:

  • Delete the objects you are not using
  • Thoroughly clean the rooms
  • Create a new, more welcoming and reassuring atmosphere

How to best sell a house?

One of the fundamental factors regarding how to value a property for sale to attract potential customers is the final price.

Therefore, having a property valuation is certainly one of the most important steps, therefore, we recommend that you rely on experienced professionals in the sector, as it could make the difference for any real estate sale.

Among other things, numerous factors are considered in the valuation of the house for sale, for example:

The square footage

  • The conditions of the property
  • The area where the building is located
  • Up to the real estate energy class

Relying on a real estate agency

As specified above, contacting a real estate agency is the best choice, since you can get a clear and precise evaluation of your property.

Furthermore, these professionals make their own quotes by parameterizing them on the sales of the reference market, and aiming to place the property in question at a value that allows it to be very attractive.

It should also be considered that, in addition to evaluating real estate, real estate agents provide assistance and, usually, quick sales times, thanks to advertising through ad hoc ads, placed on the most popular platforms in the sector, trying to position them in better conditions than those of self-employed sellers, thus attracting many more potential customers.

Where to place ads to sell a house?

Now let’s see where to place ads to sell home and how to post free real estate ads.

Choosing the best among the myriad of real estate sites on the market is an activity that requires time and energy.

In fact, to understand which is the right one, it is necessary to evaluate some essential criteria, for example:

  • The popularity of the platform
  • The services it offers
  • How he manages the real estate virtual tour

Very important are also the feedback and reviews, word of mouth and the strength of the brands that are conveyed on social networks
Let’s now see some examples of the platforms to sell the most known and used properties.


The first that we are going to analyze is Idealista, a real estate ad site that in a short time has become particularly popular, both in Europe and in America.

The sector of Italian relevance, which after having achieved various acquisitions of specialized sites, deals with rentals and real estate sales.

On this platform it is possible to publish ads completely free of charge, as well as having the possibility to subscribe to paid subscription plans that allow you to have more visibility. In addition to this, you can also have a property valued for free.


Another interesting portal for how to find buyers for real estate is Case24.it, a platform for listings of houses for sale and for rent, which offers customers many and varied services:

Both for posting and searching for ads
In addition, you can enter keywords to speed up your search.


The last one we want to offer you is Immobiliare.it, a portal that has achieved great commercial success in recent years, especially for the sale and valuation of properties.

This company, founded in 2007, now boasts millions of satisfied customers, and within the platform there is a specific section for advertisements and builders, in addition to this, the site provides support for users and mortgage advice.

As for real estate ads, they can be published for free for 90 days, after which you need to make a subscription plan, not for free.

Well dear friends of Financial Empires, thanks to our guide you can now put into practice our valuable tips on how to sell a house quickly.

Financial Empires, The Editorial Staff



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