How To Start A Business Without Money

Welcome back to Financial Empires, today we will see how to start a business without money or in any case with a very tight budget, it is not a matter of crap but of a real treasure about which unfortunately there is little information, it is about public funds.

You got it right, through public funds you can create your business from scratch and without putting a euro into it. In Italy, for example, the government has allocated billions of euros to allow aspiring entrepreneurs to start an entrepreneurial project and to turn their dreams into reality, in order to fight unemployment and encourage the creativity of young people but also of not so young people.

How to access public funds

Clearly no one gives anything to anyone, and in addition to having some requisites to access these funds, you will also have to apply for them through the presentation of a business plan, and now we will see how together.

The body that acts as a link between the government and aspiring entrepreneurs is Invitalia, a company created for the purpose of granting government funding to applicants.

Invitalia provides users with a site through which it is possible to register and log in and thus be able to choose the call that best meets their needs and requirements.

As we said, no one gives anything away and in most cases the loans are disbursed in the form of subsidized loans to be repaid within a certain number of years.

The interesting part is that these loans are almost always with zero interest and very often part of the loans are non-repayable, especially if the business you want to open is a smart start-up, or a company in the technological and innovative sector.

To access the site and start getting information, click on Invitalia.

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