Is Investing In Brick Worth It? | How Much Does Investing In Real Estate Make

Among the many types of investments that can be undertaken, investing in brick is certainly among the most widespread in the market. But what does it mean to invest in brick? Let’s find out in this article if it pays off, how much it pays off and where to do it.

Investing in the brick meant

Is investing in brick safe? In the real estate sector, it appears to be among the best choices for those who wish to invest their capital in safe and more solid investments, compared to other investment options perhaps considered unstable and less profitable.

Those who enter the Italian real estate sector for the first time and are therefore preparing to buy a new apartment, sometimes do not keep an eye on the real value of their investment in the brick.

Real estate investment

In fact, when buying a property, it is not necessary to focus only on the choice of the place where you will live without worrying about paying the rent for life, but rather insert a real estate that has a certain value, in your capital, which over time, it could prove to be an excellent real estate investment and considerably increase its nominal value, perhaps even through the rental of the property.

We must also consider that the real estate market is very fluctuating and volatile, with the risk therefore that your investment in the brick today could devalue and obviously lose value.

Investing in brick in Italy. Is it safe as a safe haven?

The purchase of a property, especially if the latter is a second home and not the main home of one’s family, is one of the investments in the brick that can be considered as a safe haven.

Therefore, an asset that is not affected by the devaluation caused by inflation and market trends.

Unfortunately, compared to the past, for some years the real estate market in Italy has become much more unstable, causing much more frequent devaluations of properties and, therefore, putting in difficulty all those who have invested considerable capital in the brick, since as far as the market is concerned real estate forecasts, they can be unpredictable.

Real estate crisis

For example, in the United States, the 2008 crisis was a very black year for the real estate sector, with prices that have plummeted drastically.

The reality of the real estate facts
Although less fluctuating compared to other markets, the property does not give real guarantees on the maintenance of its value and it is necessary to be aware of this.

The trend of the real estate market in Italy

If we analyze our country, Italy, property taxation is often indicated as one of the most desirable revenue levers by international organizations such as the OCSE (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development).

The next revision of the cadastral values ​​could anticipate structural interventions that certainly will not encourage real estate investment or the revaluation of the same.

Invest in brick. What does it require?

Investing in the brick requires experience, expertise and above all, capital to invest.

All this, supported by constant monitoring of the surrounding market. A job that requires a lot of effort!

Invest in brick to rent in Italy

Why invest in brick? Just ask yourself this question. Now let’s analyze specifically one of the possible alternatives that we can find in this varied market sector.

If you are considering the opportunity to buy a property to rent it and try to obtain an income, you are in the right place.

In fact, as never before in this period, there have been different conditions, very propitious, which make it the ideal moment for this type of investment in the brick.

Is it worth investing in brick?

If you are wondering if it still makes sense to invest in brick, the answer is certainly yes.

As mentioned above, the real estate market is experiencing conditions that make the investment in a house or apartment and the resulting rental income extremely profitable.

In this period, property prices are particularly low, in fact, excluding large cities, the economic demands of properties have not yet recovered from the pandemic period, for this reason, the market is full of excellent opportunities.

Investing in brick in times of war and crisis

With the possibility of an economic crisis, due to the concatenation of several factors at the gates: inflation, international conflicts, etc., it is likely that there will be more people who will need to sell, thus increasing the chances of acquiring properties at very competitive prices. .

The consequence of this situation has increased the demand for rent.

Living on real estate rents

Real estate rents throughout our country are particularly good and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future, given that if an unstable economic situation persists, few people will be able to buy a property.

How much does it make to invest in brick?

Investing in brick, if done wisely, is certainly an excellent choice.

In fact, the brick market represents a more profitable and safe alternative, compared to other types of investments, such as government bonds.

Analyzing the data specifically, in recent years, they have brought to light a discontinuous trend, with variations that oscillate between -0.48% and + 5.65%, with 10-year BTPs that in 2022 reached almost 0 95%.

With such a scenario, buying a house for the purpose of investing in brick can be a really interesting move.

Invest in brick today. What to consider?

Of course, we must consider that the squares and properties differ a lot between them and, if you decide to buy a property with the aim of investing in the brick, you have to pay a lot of attention and carefully monitor the market trend, taking into account all possible specifications, such as:

  • The price per square meter of the various areas
  • Connected services
  • The revaluation of the property in question

Where to invest in brick in Italy?

The big cities, for example, offer interesting real estate yields, reaching almost 5% gross per annum, with peaks in Verona of 6.1%, and in Genoa and Palermo of 6%, before falling to 4.4% in Bologna. , 4.1% in Milan and 3.8% in Florence. An excellent idea on where to go to invest in brick in Italy.

However, we keep in mind that those who invest in the real estate sector not only evaluate the rental yields, but also the capital appreciation.

How to invest money in the brick to monetize?

There are several alternatives to capitalize on a brick investment. Let’s see some together:

The first solution can be to rent to students. At first glance, it may seem a problematic rental method compared to the classic ones, but in many cities it makes much more, in fact renting a room generates greater earnings
Obviously, renting to students is more profitable if the property is close to the university facilities.

The second one that we present has caught on thanks to all the sites that have opened very interesting alternative sources of income for those who have a property in a tourist or business city. We are talking about renting to tourists for short periods.
In fact, with this type, rentals make much more, especially working well and then being able to have positive reviews, which attract new customers.

Dear readers of Financial Empires, as you have been able to deduce in this article, investing in brick has never been as convenient as in this period. So what are you waiting for?

Financial Empires, The Editorial Staff



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