Loans For Bad Payers 2022, How To Get Them

Welcome back dear readers of Financial Empires, we are always very happy and satisfied to have you here with us again. In today’s article we will talk about loans for bad payers 2022. Thanks to our complete guide we will see how to obtain them, the various types, characteristics and peculiarities of loans for protesters.

When are you considered bad payers?

Let’s now begin to understand what happens to those who are reported as bad payers. Unfortunately, especially in recent periods where the crisis has intensified strongly, many people have been reported to the central risk office.

In fact, it is enough to be in debt of a couple or more installments of a payment to be considered a bad payer.

Attention, we specify that this is not a persistent brand, but obviously this involves some inconveniences, especially if you need new liquidity, and therefore to request additional funding.

Because banks and credit institutions check the creditworthiness of those requesting a loan, before agreeing and agreeing to pay the money.

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Clearly, being considered bad payers does not favor the final yield of the loan request.

Credit information system

On a practical level, in this database also called SIC, acronym for Credit Information System, all the information relating to customers who have requested loans or financing is entered.

Therefore, even those who are up to date with the installments are included in the SIC, the substantial difference is that the bad payer is promptly reported to the Risk Center, with obviously negative results for these subjects, who, until he does not resolve the matter, will not obtain loans, loans or overdrafts.

This can happen if you do not pay installments of the loan, and after this occurs the Credit Institute informs the debtor to fulfill his duties, paying the arrears, and if he does not do this he is reported to the Central with the term bad payer.

But as we said before, you don’t stay on this list forever; in fact, after a well-defined period of time you are automatically deleted from this list of bad payers.

How long do you stay on the bad payers list?

Let’s now analyze specifically how you end up in the list of bad payers. The most common one is for missed payments of two installments. For this reason, it remains on the list of bad payers for a year, after having obviously adjusted everything.

If, on the other hand, you exceed the two installments, you are on this list for twenty-four months from the regularization.

On the other hand, if the arrears are of greater significance, one remains in this bad payer list for even thirty-six months, always equal from the expiration day entered in the contract.

But there are also positive news, namely that this information remains in the database for a set time, that is, thirty-six months from the expiry date of the contract itself.

Bad payer loan, how to get it?

Now let’s see who grants loans to bad payers. These types of financing are designed for the needs of all the people who have been reported to the Central Credit Register, due to some late payments or unpaid installments.

We repeat the concept, the so-called bad payers, are those who are the least reliable customers for banking institutions, for example:

  • Foreclosed
  • Protest
  • People reported to the Crif

Unfortunately, they have great difficulties in understanding how to get a bad payer loan when they turn to banking institutions, for this reason specific products have been created by financial companies, which are able to guarantee loans to these categories of payers.

For example, even if the people who turn to these institutions have a permanent contract or a pension, and their bank of trust has denied their loan request, they will still have the facilities and possibilities to get a loan. or a loan.

Loans for bad payers 2022 changed

Let’s now analyze the different types of loans for bad payers 2022.

There are various types of financing and loans, and one of them is the changed fiduciary loan. We are talking about a loan that is disbursed following the signing of a bill of exchange, precisely because this loan that has been changed has the bill itself as a guarantee.

A loan of this type is perfect for all customers who need cash quickly and especially for those who are defined as bad payers.

But how does the changed fiduciary loan work?

Let’s go immediately to see who can request it, how the installments are repaid, the pros and cons of this loan for bad payers 2022 determined.

The promised fiduciary loan needs a bill of exchange to ensure that it is active, which acts as a guarantee of solvency, since the latter is the only means used by the bank to have the guarantees for the repayment of the money disbursed.

And if the loan is not honored, the bill can trigger an executive action, complete with foreclosure of any income or salary and also the seizure of assets.

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Employee loans

One of the most common solutions among the loans for immediate bad payers 2022 that are disbursed by banks and financial companies, we certainly find the loan with assignment of the fifth.

This type provides that the installments are not paid by the person who requested the loan, but by the latter’s employer, withdrawing from the salary, with an amount equal to one fifth of the amount received.

Bad payer loan, how to get it?

In order to apply for this type of financing, it is necessary to have an employee contract, for an indefinite or fixed term, or alternatively, to receive a pension; obviously, in this case, the useful installments to repay the debt in question will be taken directly from the pension, with an amount not exceeding, always, one fifth of the pension itself.

There is also the possibility of receiving money with the loan with delegation of payment or double fifth, which can be requested when a loan with assignment of the fifth has already been stipulated, and in this case the bank, in agreement with the employer of those who request it, can decide to give another loan that will affect, at most, another fifth of salary or pension, for a total of forty percent of the amount earned each month.

For the granting of this loan by proxy, the employer of the applicant is also required, because this type of loan must be activated through an agreement between the bank and the employer himself.

Well dear friends of Financial Empires, thanks to our article you know how to get loans for bad payers 2022.

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