N26 Vs Hype | Which Is More Convenient, Iban Cards Comparison

Among the many prepaid cards, online accounts and credit cards, certainly N26 and Hype are among the best known and most respected. In this article we will discover the characteristics, differences and peculiarities of both, in order to provide you with as much information as possible and thus give you a clear overview of N26 vs Hype, a comparison between the two cards. Let’s start this journey together and find out which one is more convenient.

N26 card vs Hype features

Let’s start now with the basics and let’s analyze both N26 vs Hype cards. Analyzing peculiar characteristics, differences, ancillary costs and everything that may be of interest to a potential customer.

N26 card what is it?

Let’s start with the N26 card. Undoubtedly, the card in question is one of the most used prepaid cards with IBAN on the market, and according to the N26 card reviews, it is clear that the issuer is very convenient in many respects.

This substantially stands out from the fact that having an N26 IBAN, you can not only make transfers with N26, but also choose to have your salary credited directly, make subscriptions, domicile your bills and many other N26 options.

The N26 Iban card cannot be subscribed by underage users.

German bank N26

Let’s now see the provenance of this fast-growing financial company in recent years.

The N26 account card is part of a German online bank that was founded in 2015. In a short time its notoriety has grown exponentially, especially in Europe, with several branches in the old continent. Instead, since 2019, N26 bank has also successfully landed in the United States.

The customer base has now reached 500,000, with an estimated customer acquisition of around 1500 per day.

Account N26 is worth it?

Basically, those who want to subscribe to an N26 account and consequently have a standard N26 card, will have:

  • An N26 checking account
  • An N26 prepaid card with iban, also called N26 account card or N26 debit card

How does the N26 card work?

In practice, the N26 card is safe, it must always be recharged and you can use the money inside and withdraw it without having the physical N26 card, since there is a convenient online virtual account.

Among other things, the N26 debit card can also be used for:

  • Share expenses
  • Receive wire transfers on N26
  • Send N26 free wire transfers
  • Shop online with N26
  • Pay for various types of services

N26 card types

Now let’s see what N26 paper variants are on the market.

There are three types of N26 cards, specifically we have:

  • N26 Standard card
  • N26 Smart card
  • N26 You card
  • N26 metal paper

N26 Standard card

The N26 Standard Iban card consists of a free virtual account card, with the possibility of being managed directly from your smartphone. If you want to have the N26 Standard physical card instead, with a one-time payment of 10 € it will be delivered directly to your home.

N26 Smart card

The Smart card, unlike the first, costs € 4.90 per month and includes free N26 withdrawals on the Italian territory and in the Euro zone, with the possibility of adding a second card to your N26 smart account for better management of outputs. .

N26 You card

The third and final option is the N26 You card, excellent for those who travel often and make many withdrawals even abroad and outside the European continent.

In short, with this type of N26 card you can make free ATM withdrawals in any currency and in any part of the world.

There is also the possibility of inserting additional N26 insurance such as:

  • Travel insurance coverage
  • Medical expenses insurance
  • Flight insurance

N26 Metal

The last alternative that the German bank N26 proposes is the N26 metal card which has the distinction of being completely made of metal and weighing only 18 grams.

This N26 plan costs € 16.90 per month, and includes N26 You benefits and some exclusive extras.

Hype card features

Let us now enter the world of the competitor of the N26, namely the HYPE card.

Unlike the German N26 card, the HYPE card is a completely Italian prepaid card, given that we are talking about an Italian fintech company that was launched in 2015, right on our territory, and which currently has about 1.5 million Hype customers.

In the past, Banca Hype was present in Italy as Banca Sella, and was also the first fully digital Italian bank.

Since June 2020, Hype Banca has received authorization from the Bank of Italy to operate directly as an Electronic Money Institute.

Even the HYPE card, like the counterpart N26, is equipped with an IBAN Hype linked to the account, so it means that the Hype account can act as a real Hype bank account, through which various operations can be carried out, for example:

Send and receive Hype bank transfers, but without having the costs that the latter have in practice
Furthermore, we are talking about a prepaid hype card that can be fully controlled via the remote Hype App.

Unlike the N26 vs HYPE card, it has a plan that can also be made out to minors (Hype for minors).

Currently the HYPE Iban card is one of the cheapest rechargeable cards with Iban on the market and this has made it one of the most popular cards, also because the Hype activation is totally free and also provides for the shipment of the Hype card in physical format at the domicile of the customer.

Types of hype cards

Specifically, we have three types of Hype cards available:

Hype Account (formerly Hype Start Account), which is the standard Hype plan (completely free)
HYPE Next, which is the exclusive plan (at a cost of € 2.90 per month), comparable with a higher level card
Hype Premium, an unlimited hype account that also includes Hype insurance (at a cost of € 9.90 / month)
These are all great plans that include a reloadable Hype card, with advanced features, low Hype costs and various possibilities of use.

The Hype prepaid cards are very versatile, they differ substantially for the Hype spending limits and for the Hype monthly fee, free for the basic version (i.e. the hype account with zero fee).

Hype card how does it work?

The HYPE card is an integral part of the MasterCard circuit, so it can be used anywhere in the world, as well as always protecting unauthorized purchases.

N26 vs Hype which one to choose?

In conclusion, let’s make a direct comparison between the two protagonists of our article today: N26 vs Hype.

Basic Operations N26 vs Hype Account

  • Both are free and offer free SEPA wire transfers
  • Instant wire transfers are cheaper with N26 Standard. While Hype with zero fee allows you to withdraw up to € 250 per month for free, instead with Hype Next there are no commissions for withdrawing cash in Italy
  • The Hype account (formerly the Hype Start Account) has increased the maximum balance from € 2,500 to € 15,000 per year

Charging method

Let’s now analyze the charging methods:

With the Hype account, you can top up from the Hype app by connecting another payment card, by bank transfer, requesting money from other Hypers, or top up the Hype account from another account connected to it. The Hype cash recharge network is widespread and uniform throughout the country, with around 50,000 points
N26 Standard can be topped up in cash at CASH26 points (currently available in Italy, Greece, Spain, Austria, Germany) and allows you to load very important amounts into your account (the minimum is € 50 and the maximum is € 999 each day) at the affiliated markets for N26 cash recharge.

Discounts and Promotions

Both N26 vs Hype cards offer discounts and promotions in affiliated online and physical stores.

Personal loans

With Hype there is also the possibility to activate Hype personal loans from € 2,000 up to € 25,000, in collaboration with Banca Sella Personal Credit. For its part, the N26 Standard card offers an automatic expense analysis service, an excellent help in trying to avoid unexpected outgoings.

Now that you have all the information you need, all you have to do is choose which of the N26 vs Hype cards best suits your needs.

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