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Especially in times of crisis and economic instability like the post-pandemic one, people try to save money every month or invest in online trading. Today more than ever there is to understand how online forex trading works to avoid being scammed or being inexperienced due to the lack of knowledge of how to operate on trading, so take advantage of our Forex tips today and opinions on online trading .

In the online forex trading business, very popular in Italy and in the rest of the world especially by young people who want to undertake a path that can become very profitable, it is necessary to study 2 important variables:

  • The possibilities of financial investment on the market
  • The risks in forex trading based on the invested capital

Online Forex Trading What it is

A valid and inviting alternative for making investments online is to enter one of the world’s most highly liquid financial markets used by everyone:

  • Companies
  • Private
  • Banks

Known by the acronym of Forex which stands for Foreign Exchange Market, it is characterized by being a market with high economic and financial liquidity where different actions and trades can be made based on the different currencies present, and not only:

  • Actions
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Futures (standardized exchange traded contracts)

Forex market today

Online Forex Trading works through a global interbank network whose main trading venues are located in 4 cities:

  • New York
  • Sydney
  • London
  • Tokyo

On the other hand, the Forex trading market today is highly liquid and basically resides in the trading of currencies, for example:

EUR / USD fx (Forex)

In a nutshell, we are not dealing with trading on the single sale of a currency but on the currency pair trading (buy and sell).

Online Forex trading is so liquid that currency trading transactions run into billions of dollars – around $ 4 billion a day.

Guide on how to do Forex Trading online

Currency trading can be risky and sometimes complex given the large flow of currency trading in the market. Although there are more than a hundred official currencies worldwide, the main trades are based on the Forex currency pairs USD, EUR, YEN.

Below, a quick guide on how to do online forex trading to get started on the right foot and be able to have extra income, the result of a correct investment in the financial market.

As mentioned above, trades in online forex trading are always based on a Forex currency pair, for example:

Usd Eur Forex, which involves the exchange of the dollar against the euro, thus being with any other forex currency.

Best Trading Platforms

Second, to trade on Forex there is a need to rely on some online trading platform specializing in financial markets via the internet, for example, there are online brokers such as:

  • eToro (ideal as a beginner forex), which defines itself as the world’s leading social investment community
  • Plus500 to do online trading with a plus on commodities, Forex, stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, CFDs (contract for difference, between two parties)
  • Capital.com with the advantage of free training to become a trader, among other things, offers simple and intuitive online trading experiences
  • ActivTrades can open an account or have the free demo forex account to gain experience on how to exploit the volatility of the markets
  • These trading platforms are nothing more than online trading software in which trades on financial markets of different types can be carried out, namely:

Buy sell stocks, national currencies, cryptocurrencies, CFDs
Investment order such as:
stop loss trading to limit losses and exit trading as soon as the set quota has been reached
take profit in trading allows you to have a profit when an open operation on the market is closed once the target is reached
The initial investment for Forex depends on the platform to be used and can start from figures ranging from € 10 to € 100 or more, this makes it affordable for everyone.

Online trading demo account

Those new to online Forex trading can start with a Forex demo account on the desired trading platform, to practice the basics of how to trade Forex.

But to really start trading and trading on Forex, you need to invest money in the Forex account, or deposit, taking into account the forecasts and changes on the financial market and stock exchange, that’s why you need to do a little practice before investing larger amounts today. .

What do you need to start trading online?

  1. You need a stable internet connection, preferably a private network to keep sensitive data safe, rather than a public internet connection
  2. It is necessary to have electronic devices from which to access online trading platforms, whether it is a computer, tablet, or mobile phone, one is as good as the other, the important thing is to connect online to get involved in forex trading
  3. Open a trading account online through financial intermediaries (acting as licensed operators) that is through the best forex trading platform, which may be one of those we have mentioned above, the most popular are eToro, Capital.com, Plus500 , ActivTrades, but there are others such as: Forex.com, FxPro, Admiral Markets, IG Markets etc …
  4. Once you have opened a trading deposit account, start using the platform where you can place orders on the financial markets or trade operations: buy, sell, stop loss, limit orders, market orders
  5. Keep in mind that you can trade Forex online 5 days a week around the clock (24 hours).

Investing in Forex Advice

First of all, you have to put your feet on the ground in order not to fall into the mistake of having unrealistic expectations regarding investing in forex, thinking that it is an easy way to get rich quickly.

Trading Forex involves taking the time to train and prepare for basic Forex trading knowledge.

Furthermore, getting into the forex trading market involves 3 things:

  • Have consistency
  • I commit
  • Experience which is built with practice in this online financial market to achieve the desired goals

Today, more than ever, there is to understand how to operate in forex to avoid being scammed and suffer losses due to lack of knowledge on the functioning of the sector in question. Take advantage of our online Forex tips.

  1. Read up on the basics of the Forex market, for example there are free forex trading courses of the famous online trading platform Plus500, to understand the trades and investments that can be done in Forex Italy and acquire knowledge of the currencies that you choose to trade, etc.

This is crucial to avoid being a victim of Forex trading scams.

  1. You must be aware that trading the different settlement currencies in one of the most important and liquid financial markets in the world, the Forex market (much larger than the stock market), can mean the possibility of having big gains but at the same time also of big losses.

So you should not immediately throw yourself into large amounts to invest in the Forex Exchange financial market, without knowing the Forex techniques and having the necessary practice starting with small investments in the stock market.

Opinions on Online Trading

First of all, those who do not know much about Forex may think at first glance that making money with Forex is a scam, but it is not true, indeed it is a completely legitimate market in which to invest money, through an intermediary Forex broker, or a trading platform. online.

We would like to clarify that you need to keep your eyes peeled because there are forex broker scams around, which is why you should always choose a licensed forex platform.

If you claim to have quick and easy Forex earnings with online Forex trading you are more likely to be a victim of Forex scams.

Be aware that gains are not easy and it can happen that you make wrong Forex trades (especially when you don’t have enough experience in forex trading).

There are no automatic earnings on Forex, however platforms like eToro sponsor systems that allow you to copy the best forex investors.

Forex is legal in Italy, it is the most liquid financial market in the world, that allows the world economy to function, so you need to know and learn more about the best forex strategies to trade safely and operate in Online Forex Trading, and always be updated on the real-time Forex quotes, both to speculate on official currencies and to purchase currencies (if necessary).

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