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What are the serious and best online jobs from home? In this article we at Financial Empires offer you a selection of all the well-paid smart working jobs or even to round up and without experience through which you can finally say goodbye to the traditional 40-hour work week so as not to wither in an office.

Those who work in smart working

First of all, before seeing what are the best online jobs from home, let’s see who works in smart working and why!

The person who works in smart working is a worker who carries out his activity directly from home or in any case outside the office or company he works for, generally the worker carries out his work totally online and from home, but there are also cases in to whom this type of work is carried out part time, therefore a part of time at home and one in the office and therefore with some weekly return.

The smart working worker by law is completely comparable to the worker who works in the company, therefore he too will have a contract through which he can assert his rights but which at the same time implies obligations and duties towards the company with which is stipulated.

Those who work online from home do it because they do not need special tools, in fact they generally only use a computer and this allows them much more flexibility than conventional jobs in the office or in a company.

Best online jobs from home

There are many jobs that can be done from home and well paid, especially in the last ten years, more and more digitized figures have been born and require IT tools to be carried out.

Among these well-paying online jobs we mention the 10 best home jobs:

  • Web Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Social media manager
  • SEO expert
  • Facebook and Google Ads expert
  • Virtual assistant
  • Customer care assistant
  • Agent of trade
  • Translator
  • Copywriter
  • Let’s see them in detail.

Web Developer

The web developer is a highly requested figure on the job market, this is because for 20 years now millions of websites have been created every day and all companies are digitizing themselves by bringing their business online.

The web developer is familiar with one or more programming languages, such as the most popular Php, Css, Html, Javascript and so on.

This figure works on the back-end side of the site therefore purely on the drafting of codes that allow the creation of databases and lay the foundations of the site structure, it will then be the figure that comes below to give definitive shape to the project.

The work of the web developer can be done 100% online from home, because it only requires the use of a computer and the knowledge of the languages ​​mentioned above, it can be done independently or even in the form of an employee.

Web Designer

The web designer is the figure who takes care of the front-end side of a website, this means that he takes care of giving shape to the project created by the web developer, which is then the final result you see on each site.

Nowadays there is also the figure of the WordPress Developer who bypasses if we want that of the web developer who, however, can never be replaced, this is because the most important companies and e-commerce and therefore the projects that are paid the most need sites developed ad HOC. by a web developer.

Returning to the web designer, this is an essential figure in the world of website creation because he has studied to create sites designed for the final purpose of their target, so all his setting, from colors to fonts up to the entire front-end structure will be finalized. to attract the target audience of the site.

This work can be done entirely in smart working as it requires nothing more than a computer and your own knowledge, furthermore it is one of the best paid jobs online from home, the web designer is the architect of a website.

Social media manager

Among the most requested figures in smart working is the social media manager, that is, the person who takes care of the entire social media management of one or more companies.

Social media nowadays play a fundamental role for companies, because they allow them to be seen by all users of social platforms who are then directed to websites through marketing strategies and converted into potential customers.

The most popular social networks currently are Instagram and Facebook, but others are being added to the portfolio of today’s social media, such as Tik Tok, a platform that has depopulated in recent years also in Europe.

The social media manager works in smart working with his own computer that is used to create the graphics and with the company mobile phone that will then be used to upload images and content on social media, he is also responsible for developing an editorial and marketing strategy and rarely even the social media advertising themselves.

His salary is around 40,000 euros a year for a senior while a junior is around 24,000.

SEO Expert

The seo expert is the one who gives life to the projects created by web developers and web designers, in fact he takes care of placing the websites of the latter in the SERP, which is the coveted first page of Google.

In our opinion he is perhaps the most interesting figure among all those who have recently been born, he is able to develop a strategy, to increase the domain and page authority of a website and to direct the traffic of the main search engines on certain websites, thanks to which it allows them to survive.

The SEO expert is a professional figure who can do the work from home and is one of the highest paid jobs of the moment.

Facebook and Google Ads Expert

Like the SEO expert, an Ads Expert also deals with driving traffic on websites but with a difference, while the SEO directs organic and therefore free traffic on websites the Facebook and Google Ads expert directs it through text or multimedia advertising from Facebook or Google to the reference websites, therefore carrying out advertising campaigns that are sometimes very expensive, trying to minimize their costs and maximize the profits of a company.

This work requires knowledge and skills because it is subjected to a search for responsibility.

Virtual assistant

Another of those jobs that can be done from home is that of the virtual assistant, the latter takes care of helping customers in offering a service, think of the case of a tourist agency, the virtual assistant will help by telephone customers of the company throughout the travel booking phase, work that can be done in smart working from the comfort of home without having to use special equipment or having to have direct contact with customers.

Customer care assistant

Unlike the virtual assistant, the latter is responsible for offering above all technical but also commercial assistance to the customers of an e-commerce or sites where services are offered, in this case it is generally required to respond via chat to all those who encounter problems or doubts helping them to solve them.

Commercial agent or business agent

Being a commercial agent is by no means an easy job, you need to have a commercial aptitude and business acumen, but if you want to work at home online it is certainly an option that should not be underestimated at all.

The business finder or commercial agent can work in smart working thanks to the considerable amount of information available on the internet, it will not be difficult to find company contacts and telephone numbers to work on to get deals to propose and on which to earn a commission.


In a world that is now so globalized, one of the most sought-after figures of all is that of the translator, for example there are many websites that want to expand into other countries with different languages ​​and need a translator who can translate the contents to make them available also elsewhere. .


Among the professional figures in the digital world, the key for every company could clearly not be, that is a copywriter, a professional whose job is to enrich websites with original and even creative content.

Generally the copywriter is supported by the SEO expert in a company that provides the keywords to work on, but very often the copywriter is good enough to have vertical skills in this sense too.

This professional writes text for magazines, provides product descriptions in e-commerce or creates real reviews of products or services.

Smart working to round up

Nowadays it is not easy to make ends meet and there are many people looking for an online job from home to supplement, if you are one of them then you might consider starting a blog.
It is true on the internet there are already many, but if you are an expert in a particular subject you have nothing to worry about even the users who seek advice on Google are constantly increasing and the latter often updates the contents positioned on the first pages with articles that are more and more detailed and that better respond to people’s needs.

Starting a blog does not require large investments, you will only have to buy a Hosting, we recommend Siteground through which you will pay only twenty euros for a year but if you are good enough you have the opportunity to earn and climb the peak quite quickly, but always in the optics of at least a year of time, in this regard we advise you to read a guide for creating a successful blog.

If, on the other hand, you need money immediately then you could become a pollster, or a person paid to carry out online surveys from home, the internet is full of these companies that will pay you to do it, but do not think of earning over 300 euros a month.

Or you can write articles for third parties and become a professional copywriter. Here too there are several websites that offer the opportunity to put companies or people looking for a copywriter in contact with the latter, just look for sites like Apple Write.

What are online jobs from home without experience?

Among those mentioned the online jobs from home without experience are: The pollster, the blogger, the copywriter, the translator, the customer-care assistant.

These are all jobs that do not require experience in the sector even if it is recommended, in fact you can very well start doing surveys or writing based on your personal aptitudes and knowledge on specific subjects.

In the case of the translator, there is also no need for experience here because it is his linguistic knowledge that leads him to carry out a translation for which no experience is required.

As for customer care, usually anyone can do it as long as they know how to speak and write well, each company has its conditions so just study them and in a few days you can be operational.

PROS and CONS of smart working

There are many people who dream of working from home in smart working but is it really the thing that suits you best?

Starting from the PROs, these are quite evident, the time barriers imposed by the company are eliminated, there are no annoying breaths on the neck of colleagues and boss, and it is also possible to divide the working hours according to your needs, thus being able to decide to work in the morning, in the afternoon or even at night.

On the other hand, however, the CONS of a smart working job are also considerable, starting from the fact that social contacts are totally canceled and if you don’t have friends you really risk becoming real wolves, another negative factor could be the very fact of leading private and professional life at home thus not having the opportunity to change of scenery, consider that a job even if from home requires many hours and this could lead to a little isolation of a person.

Online jobs from home offers

If you are looking for work online from home then the best platforms to refer to are essentially two, the only ones that really work in Italy and through which you will not have to register thus wasting a sea of ​​time uselessly, we are talking about the job offers section of Subito.it, and Indeed.

In our opinion these are the best portals to search for job offers remotely and work in smartworking.

We have come to the end of this article on online jobs from home, if we have been of any help, please share the article with your friends via the social buttons you find below, see you soon and good continuation on Financial Empires.

Financial Empires, The Editorial Staff



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