Online Trading Scam or Reality | Can You Live From Trading?

Online trading, in recent years, has become increasingly popular, but with the idea of ​​making extra and easy earnings, online trading scams are also on the agenda. Today we will analyze the online trading market scam or reality? and how to make money with trading, knowing how to recognize a safe investment, and also what to be careful of and what to avoid absolutely.

What is online trading?

Let’s start by understanding what we are talking about when we hear the term online trading.

Trading platforms

In short, we have services and brokers that allow you to use their trading platforms to play the stock market comfortably sitting on the sofa at home and, play and speculate on stocks, currencies, commodities, etc. with trading commissions lower than those proposed by banking institutions.

What do you need to do online trading?

Basically what you need to enter the world of trading are computers, smartphones, tablets or any device that allows you to connect to the internet.

If you decide to do online trading, training properly and preparing in the best way is essential, the final result is at stake. Another aspect not to be underestimated is the psychological one.

To do online trading it is necessary to open a trading account with a broker, possibly trusted, if you are lucky enough to know someone in order not to run into limbo online trading scam or reality.

How to trade online from scratch?

Now we are going to analyze the different ways that you can use to make online earnings trading and the various levels of earnings for traders.

Popular Investor Program

The first is the Popular Investor Program. This model allows the brightest investors to generate significant income on paper (trading earnings), thus creating a trend that can also be replicated by other investors.

We can find this type of trading on platforms such as eToro and others similar.

How much to invest in trading?

If you want, you can start investing with a deposit of around € 250, if you have the idea of ​​transforming online trading into a real job.

So let’s try to dispel a trading myth right away, it doesn’t necessarily take a lot of capital to start and, it is not true that only experienced traders can make excellent profits with online trading.

Now we will see how much the various types of traders can earn with Italian online trading.

Junior trader

Let’s start with a junior trader, who usually works for financial companies, commercial banks, hedge funds and hedge funds.

How much do you earn with online trading?

These professions have an initial trading salary of around € 19,000 gross / year for a rookie, with the possibility of earning up to € 22,000 gross.

In many jobs of this kind, the salary with trading increases annually, to guarantee a monthly trading income that is around 1,300 up to 1,600 euros net.

Independent traders usually make online trading profits based on the invested capital.

In other words, by investing 200 euros, exorbitant gains in a short period of time cannot be expected, since the profit on trading must be achieved over time and by making gradual and varied investments.

How much does a professional trader make?

Many trading experts argue, in fact, that a good trader can earn between 5 and 10% per month based on the capital invested.

Now let’s move on to analyze the figure of the professional trader. A true online trading expert must have a thorough understanding of the financial markets, be able to anticipate them and have self-control.

Being aware of all the facets of the markets, he can earn up to 500% annually on the amount initially invested in the trading markets.

Online trading scam or reality?

In summary, investing in online trading or online forex, in essence, means buying and selling securities and financial products on online trading platforms.

The main goal is to earn on the difference between the purchase and sale price.

On all online trading platforms, an entry fee must be paid in order to get started.

Beware of online trading scams

In online trading it is unfortunately easy to run into possible trading scams, in these cases, the psychological aspect of those who make investments from home plays a fundamental role.

In fact, to have the possibility of trading profits, it is essential to have skills in the sector.

How to understand and avoid online trading scams?

To avoid running into scams in online trading, there are clear signs that warn the unsuspecting investor to give up investing sums that will surely be lost.

The first obvious signal is to receive online trading calls, usually from an Italian or foreign number and which have the ultimate purpose of attracting the customer and inducing him to invest in trading.

The technique that is used to carry out online trading scams is as follows:

  • The caller, who contacts the customer, comes up with a usually false name and surname and even at the explicit request, they will never send an identity document or in some cases send it a false one.
  • All this, promising substantial and immediate forex trading gains, even by investing a small initial sum.

Another ploy that is used in online trading scams is the following:

After making the first investments in trading with minimal amounts and gaining the client’s trust, the trading broker will begin asking to increase investments, promising easy trading profits.
Beware of this type of approach, deception is usually around the corner.

In fact, only after having invested large sums, the customer begins to doubt his broker and to realize that he has been the victim of an online trading scam. Obviously the broker, in the meantime, will have already evaporated.

Is online trading a scam?

At this point in the article, many of you will be wondering, therefore, if it is worth becoming a trader and investing in online trading.

The truth is that very often behind the illusion of easy trading gains there are several forex trading scams.

Especially in recent years, the types of scams perpetrated have increased exponentially and have hit novice traders hard.

With this we certainly do not mean that online trading is a scam, the problem, unfortunately, lies in the fact that there are trading scams and you have to learn to analyze and know the market to avoid them.

We can therefore say that to avoid scams in online trading, we must try to operate exclusively with Consob authorized and regulated trading brokers.

Authorized brokers for online trading

A Consob authorized and regulated broker is the one who operates in the protection of investors, following European directives, for example, in our country, Italy, it is the CONSOB that is responsible for ensuring that traders’ investments are always safe.

Obviously the trading scammers operate with tax havens, where they risk very little and, for the same reason, the complaints presented by scammed traders never have any effect, given that in those States, the Italian judiciary has no power.

In practice, from the online trading testimonials of those who have been scammed, it is clear that in all cases these people have used unauthorized and regulated brokers.

Now it is up to you to decide whether to enter the fascinating world of online trading scam or reality to make a safe investment.

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