Passive Income Ideas To Earn Money

There are many ways to earn money, especially nowadays, with the customs clearance of the use of the internet, compared to the past, the options, the variants to increase their economic income have increased exponentially. In today’s article we will deal in particular with passive income ideas.

We will see what passive income is, we will give some examples and we will try to give you useful tips to invest in the most profitable and fruitful way.

Passive income what are they

First let’s see what passive income is and how to create automatic income.

Basically, these are automatic fixed receipts of money that are paid periodically and that do not require an active commitment.

In practice, we are talking about a passive income that does not come directly from work income, since it is based on very different routines.

One of the most common risks for the best passive income is to run into various scams and scams, since this type of investment always requires funds from the start.

Hence, it means that a lot of effort is required in the initial phase, and if the project is valid, passive annuities will generate automatic income, with a relatively modest management effort.

Passive online income

Passive online income is, to date, a particularly interesting source of income, given that in the case of correct and forward-looking investments, it can guarantee many advantages and greatly facilitate the investor’s life.

Among other things, as they do not require particular commitment, you have more time to devote to your projects, passions and family.

Below, in this article we will show you some examples of automatic revenue to allow you to better understand how to generate passive revenue in a short time, and to enter this rapidly expanding sector with more serenity.

Passive revenue examples

Specifically, passive income examples can come from various sectors:

The monthly salary of a rental property is one of the many, obviously, like all earnings, these will also be subject to taxation, based on revenues
Passive income is, in essence, an economic income that derives from an activity that requires little time and minimum effort.

  • Some other examples of daily passive income are royalties deriving from the sale of books or texts and music
  • Real estate investments
  • Affiliate Marketing and Online Business Revenue

Passive revenue ideas

Obviously, in order to generate passive income for business ideas, you will need to work hard, study the sectors and markets in which you intend to invest your money, commit yourself from the start and devote yourself to developing your projects.

In short, those who approach the world of automatic income want to achieve financial freedom or look for ways to invest in order to have a monthly income.

In addition, those looking for an automatic income are usually curious to explore new worlds and new methods on how to do business or, why not, on how to have a second income.

Now let’s go into the specifics and let’s see and analyze different passive income business ideas to be able to invest in security.

Financial passive annuities

The first one we are going to talk about is also one of the most popular ideas for passive income, with many investors on the assets side, connected to the positive short-term appreciation of our investment or to the payment of coupons and dividends.

You can start investing even with small amounts, but for success you still need method, perseverance and study, only thanks to this method you can have great results.

Passive real estate income

Another highly rated option with regard to automatic passive income and one of the most widespread in our area is certainly the passive real estate income.

In fact, we are one of the European countries with the most homeowners.

It must be said immediately that, to find the right real estate investment, it takes preparation and experience, this requires an in-depth study of the sector, which for example can put us to understand where the areas that have ample room for growth are located, in the short term.

Real estate passive income, in the vast majority of cases, derives from the lease installments paid by the tenant; in a nutshell, from rents, which allows the owner to have a constant flow of income, thus creating a real passive real estate income.


Another form of investment are passive ETFs, which consist of funds or SICAVs, with low management fees on the stock exchange.

In practice, they replicate the performance and performance of stock, bond or commodity indices.

ETFs were born in the United States in the 90s, they arrived in Italy in 2002, immediately enjoying great success.

Among the most quoted trading platforms for ETFs we certainly find Degiro which allows you to trade with zero commissions.

Since this is an investment that provides for automatic passive income, and being listed on the stock exchange, they reduce the costs of active management.

In addition to this, ETFs are variable capital investment companies (SICAVs), whose assets belong exclusively to the owners of the units / shares of the ETF itself.

Therefore, there is no risk in case of bankruptcy of the issuing companies.


Passive crypto revenue, or through the purchase of cryptocurrencies, is becoming increasingly popular among today’s investors.

In fact, digital assets are no longer a niche investment tool, as in the past, but are becoming more and more popular.

There are many forms of investing through cryptocurrencies, although the best known remain online trading, exchanges and mining and staking. The latter is the easiest daily passive income from cryptocurrencies, whose sole purpose is to ensure the safety and functioning of an ecosystem of an application that works on blockchain.

In practice, annualized interest is received that changes in percentage based on the current altcoin, therefore, the greater the amount of crypto assets allocated for staking, the more profitable the revenues will be.

The main purpose of staking is to increase the value of the cryptocurrency object of the same, avoiding downward speculation.


One of the best platforms that we would like to recommend, excellent for making crypto income, is Nexo.

What is Nexo? This platform allows investors to have substantial returns on the main stablecoins and cryptocurrencies of the market, and is also suitable for those entering this sector for the first time.

Well dear friends of Financial Empires, thanks to our advice you can indulge yourself with the passive income ideas that we have made available for you.

The Editorial Staff, Financial Empires



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