Satispay Review | How it works, How Satispay Earns

Today we know well that payment methods have undergone many changes compared to the past, definitively clearing electronic payments through customs. In this article we will see the satispay review, how it works, how much the app earns, the Satispay commissions and all the other main features of this Milanese platform.

Satispay what it is

Let’s start with the analysis of the company which is now a reference point on the Italian market.

Satispay is an all-Italian company, founded in 2013 by Alberto Dalmasso, Dario Brignone and Samuele Pinta, has been operating with the Satispay app since 2015 in the field of electronic payments.

App to pay with your smartphone

In fact, unlike other payment apps, it is not a bank or a prepaid card; but rather, we are essentially talking about a smartphone app that conveys electronic payments, without the need to have a credit card, not even physical cards or to top up.

The Satispay app is compatible and available with all smartphones, whether they are Android or iOS.

Specifically, on the App Store Satispay had a very satisfactory result, recording an average grade of 4.8 / 5 based on 152,250 Satispay reviews, as well as on Satispay Google Play, where the score reached an average grade of 4, 6/5 out of 100,048 reviews Satispay.

Satispay Review for Payments
Satispay is safe and has shown great results as a payment app.

Satispay functionality
In fact, among the opinions expressed by users on Satispay, the following are immediately noted:

The usefulness of the service
The multiple payment features included in the application
Satispay payments
Therefore, another Satispay review is the possibility of making payments between individuals, just have them in the address book.

How does Satispay work?

Pay with Satispay is currently available in more than fifty thousand commercial establishments, and also in the public administration to pay for example: online health tickets, up to the brands of large retailers and beyond.

Where is Satispay accepted?

Payment with Satispay can be made in affiliated shops, through the use of geolocation
What can you do with Satispay?
Other payment features with Satispay are elecante below:

  • Paying the restaurant bill
  • Paying for groceries at the supermarket
  • It is also possible to pay bills with Satispay
  • Carry out phone recharge Satispay

How does the payment with Satispay work?

To make all these payment transactions with Satispay it will be necessary:

  • Select the contact in the address book or the business of interest (Satispay shops)
  • Enter the desired amount
  • Click on PAY WITH SATISPAY and that’s it
  • The money will be sent in real time, simple, right?

And if you cannot find the business in question (shops affiliated with Satispay), you can use the Satispay QR Code that the latter usually displays near the cash desk.

Send money with Satispay

Through this application you can:

  • Send money to a contact we have in our address book
  • Exchange money with friends

These Satispay characteristics of immediacy and ease of use, have made Satispay cashback increasingly popular throughout the Italian territory, reaching the extraordinary figure of half a million Satispay users last calendar year.

How does Satispay reviews work?

Let’s go now to see in a practical sense how to download Satispay and how Satispay works.

How can I download Satispay?
First, you need to download the Satispay app from Google Play or the Apple App Store using, of course, any device connected to the internet.

Sign up for Satispay
Then you need to sign up for the service, which is done by associating the phone number (a few minutes later you will be sent a confirmation SMS via a code).

Below we continue with the choice of the personal PIN, which is essential for the various authorizations and future accesses to the application, but it can still be replaced with a fingerprint.

Budgeting Satispay
After completing the initial stages of registering with Satispay, the app will ask you to set the budget to be dedicated to payments with Satispay and cashback.

To do this, you will need the IBAN code of the current account, so that you can establish the amount of money with which to start and pre-authorize the company with your bank, in order to then be able to safely carry out all the operations you request.

Where does Satispay’s money go?

After setting the initial Satispay budget, a digital wallet will be created with a maximum spending power of 200 euros per week, this means that if at the end of the seven days your spending will have been 100 euros with the same residual credit, reliable Satispay will go to withdraw from your account, only 100 euros to have the initial budget of 200 euros again.

The mechanism is simple and immediate and allows you to always have the budget to be managed under control.

What is the minimum budget for Satispay?

We would like to clarify that the minimum cost value must be at least 3 euros and that the reorganization of the budget is foreseen only on Sunday evening and not during the week.

However, you have the opportunity to increase the budget at a later time, just apply through the app, but this up to a maximum of 200 euros.

In case you need a higher budget, you will need to make a specific written request and then send it directly to the company which will subsequently send the answer.

In addition to these Satispay review features, the payment platform also offers an interesting cashback option to incentivize purchases.

How does Satispay earn?

Now let’s see what the costs of Satispay commissions are.

We can immediately tell you that Satispay is convenient for both private individuals and merchants, since for the latter it is free for amounts up to 10 euros and provides for a fixed commission of 20 cents for all higher amounts; while, as mentioned above, for private individuals the costs are very few because all the payment options are free, except for:

  • Satispay instant recharge
  • Payment of bulletins
  • PagoPA Satispay from the app, the amount in this case is 1 euro
  • Satispay Business Customer Service
  • For business customers, there are some differences between physical stores and e-commerce businesses.

The shops pay the fixed Satispay commission mentioned above, while the online ones have a percentage commission of 1% up to 10 euros and 1% + 0.20 euros if this threshold is exceeded.

When does Satispay cashback arrive?

Another interesting option of satispay opinions is undoubtedly the cashback.

In fact, in many affiliated shops there is a cashback percentage available that is instantly recognized when you make a payment, just like a real discount.

The percentage of Cashback in question can vary from 2% up to 25-30%, especially if there are Satispay cashback promotions.

On the other hand, in some businesses, there is a maximum percentage of cashback satispay.

What are Satispay’s savings?

The savings satispay section, on the other hand, is very interesting and useful, where it is possible to create one or more virtual piggy banks, and thus have an organized savings plan.

Maybe by setting aside a dozen euros a week, for a whole year, you would have a respectable nest egg at your disposal, with the possibility of having it always and in any case at your disposal.

The Satispay savings plan in question is fully modifiable.

Well dear readers of Financial Empires, after this overview of the features and the various options that Satispay review makes available for its customers, you have all the information you need to decide to rely on this excellent mobile application, and understand how Satispay earns.

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