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Welcome back dear readers of Financial Empires, we are always very satisfied with the affection you give us every day. In today’s article we will talk about Scalapay travel, features, opinions and the advantages that can be derived from its use. We will also see what payment in installments is.

How does Scalapay work?

Let’s start by seeing what Scalapay affiliated stores is. This company is a leader in the Italian territory of the BNPL, or the Buy Now Pay Later, a type of short-term and interest-free financing, which is used to buy and pay for products on e-commerce or on Scalapay affiliated shops.

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Scalapay company was founded by two partners, Simone Mancini and Johnny Mitrevski, in 2019. In the second half of 2021 it received a $ 155 million loan from the US company Tiger Global, and in February 2022 another $ 497 million loan from the company. Chinese Tencent (leader in the technology market) and New York-based Willoughby Capital.

We are therefore talking about a widely consolidated reality on the market. Today Scalapay Gioielli can boast more than 200 employees, half in the city of Milan, and aims to reach 400 employees by the end of the year.

Among other things, Scalapay app is also very active with regard to acquisitions, to acquire technical know-how and to expand throughout Europe.

How does Scalapay work?

Scalapay clothing is an installment payment solution that allows customers to purchase in online stores and also in physical stores, to receive the goods or services purchased and pay them comfortably in 3 installments of the same amount, with a monthly expiry and at no additional cost.

After that Scalapay bags immediately pays the full amount of the purchase to the seller, and assumes the risks of fraud and non-payment.

To take advantage of the Scalapay service, the merchant pays a commission, so we can say that we are talking about an advantageous payment solution for both buyers and sellers.

In fact, customers, paying only a third of the amount due when making the purchase, will buy without any particular doubts, and maybe they will indulge in some extra whim or pleasure, given the possibility of paying for purchases over time.

On the other hand, sellers using this method of payment with Scalapay give customers the opportunity to have one more option, making the purchase easier and more convenient, increasing the chances of finalizing the sale.

In fact, a first estimate shows a 48% growth in the average shopping cart with Scalapay.

Scalapay how to register?

The procedure for registering with Scalapay travel is very simple and quick and can be done directly from the site or, if desired, also on favorite e-commerce sites when making the first purchase, using this function during checkout.

To do this, you just need to enter your mobile number and the code received, after which the personal data form and a reference e-mail must be filled in, in case you need to verify your identity.

Once all this has been done, to complete the Scalapay account, the address and number of the credit card must be entered (payment cards of the main circuits are accepted and also prepaid cards), which you wish to use to make purchases. . At each access, you must enter your mobile number followed by the disposable code that is sent to your telephone number.

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Scalapay travel. How to pay for a trip with Scalapay?

Let’s now analyze how to pay a vacation in installments, because sometimes we know because of the cost they have they are always a lottery.

The possibility of realizing a dream and leaving for the most desired destinations is now possible by conveniently paying the final bill in three installments, using the formula in question, known as buy now, pay later.

In this article, we want to explain how Scalapay travel works and how to use it, given that behind this project we find FinTech, a completely Italian company that has transformed the world of online payments and in physical stores.

The company that allows you to buy travel packages and leave, thinking about paying when you return, is called Scalapay travel, thanks to which you can defer your purchase in three installments, always without interest.

Simple, quick and safe, since with a few clicks you can choose the trip of your dreams and pay for it comfortably in three parts, the first as soon as the purchase is formalized, the second after a month and the third after a further month.

Everything takes place automatically, by charging the card with which you have completed the purchase.

Moreover, buying with Scalapay travel also means having no additional cost, therefore zero interest and no extra commission.

Why use Scalapay?

But is it worth booking a holiday with Scalapay travel booking? Let’s go find out.

First of all, in addition to choosing the destination you have always dreamed of, using the services of Costa Cruises Scalapay means buying a trip in total transparency, through a simple and convenient installment payment plan, without unexpected extra figures or other surprises.

Precisely because this system allows you to buy in installments, with clarity and simplicity, any type of holiday and stay, from the longest and most expensive, to cruises, up to romantic weekends with your partner.

Scalapay advantages

The most interesting aspect of Scalapay travel is the deferred payment. This option, in fact, offers several advantages, for example:

The possibility of upgrading a hotel room or spa services
The choice to extend the stay, paying for everything, with serenity, without interest and commissions
Unforgettable trips can be undertaken, with the possibility of improving the experience with additional services
Surely the best way to travel on a budget, in addition to the convenience of the payment method, is Scalapay which collaborates with over three thousand partner brands, and provides customers with an ever-renewed catalog with a clear and comprehensive site.

Suffice it to say that more than 200 companies in the tourism sector have chosen to join the Buy Now, Pay Later formula.

Most are accommodation facilities, including:

  • TH Resorts
  • Garibaldi Hotels
  • Eat’s
  • And other renowned companies in the sector

And this is just the beginning, because Scalapay Vacanze is constantly expanding, therefore, if you love comfort and tranquility, we advise you to choose to book a holiday in a dream location, in one of the tourist villages of the numerous travel agencies. and partner tour operators, such as Alpitour and DLT Viaggi.

Well dear readers of Financial Empires, thanks to our detailed guide you are ready to book your dream vacation and pay it comfortably in three monthly installments with Scalapay travel.

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