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In life it may happen that you have to incur expenses, perhaps unexpected and not have the necessary funds at that precise moment. For this reason, many people turn to loan companies. In this article, we will deal specifically with the credit company Signor Prestito, delivery times, how it works, interest and types of loans. Let’s go together to discover what it offers and the advantages of Signor Prestito.

Who is Signor Prestito?

Let’s start by seeing, in practice, who is Signor Prestito and who is behind this financial company that can boast many years of experience and an important and widespread presence in our territory, offering various types of loans and loans that are aimed at to all types of customers.

Signor Prestito S.p.A. is totally Italian, given that Mr Prestito’s registered office is located in Verona, and is duly registered in the Companies Register, the REA and the OAM, and has been acting as an agent in financial activities for several years through the company Prexta SpA and, also deals with the Assignment of the Fifth and Personal Loans.

Throughout the Italian territory it can count on about 70 Signor Prestito branches and over 300 employees who make up a team of specialized and trained financial consultants who will be able to manage all customer needs, from the initial request to the last verification.

Signor Prestito offers tailor-made loans, taking into account the specific needs of those who turn to them, through a direct relationship with the customer, always offering an impeccable, fast and transparent service.

Moreover, this farsighted company to always offer the best service to its customers has founded the Signor Prestito Academy, created to better train its employees, which is not limited to the moment of insertion but continues with regular refresher courses, focus on qualities such as:

  • Ambition
  • Professionalism
  • Preparation e
  • Motivation

To better manage customer relationships.

Signor Prestito how does it work?

This Italian financial company offers various types of loans, salary-backed loans and other types of loans.

Let’s now analyze all the options that Signor Prestito offers to its customers, given that you have the possibility to apply for a loan online directly from home, through an advanced technology that manages an impeccable service, all by requesting a personalized online quote, as well as the practice that can be completed completely remotely and safely, precisely because the financial company Signor Prestito makes available to consultants who will contact the customer, both for any type of information and for the completion of the practices.

A financial advisor Signor Prestito who will follow each step of the practices, constantly informing his client on the progress of the requested loan.

What loans does Signor Prestito make in Italy?

Let’s now go to see the types of loans offered by the company Signor Prestito requirements.

Personal Loans Signor Prestito

The personal loan is a type of non-finalized loan that allows you to obtain immediate liquidity, in case of need.

These types of loans can also be requested by self-employed workers and holders of VAT numbers, and the maximum obtainable is 75,000 euros, repayable in 10 years.

To apply for a personal loan, you must be at least 18 years old. Self-employed workers, employees of public, state or private companies, and retirees can access; to submit a request it is necessary to have a demonstrable income.

On the other hand, the customer who is not employed, casual workers, temporary workers or housewives can still obtain a loan with a guarantor.

Loans without paychecks and self-employed workers

It may happen that those who request a loan are temporarily unemployed, for this reason Signor Prestito customer area still allows, even to those without a paycheck, to be able to access a loan by presenting a co-obligator who guarantees coverage of the loan.

This sector includes young people or students who need a loan to finance their studies, these figures also need a guarantor.

As for self-employed workers, it is possible to obtain personal loans designed on the individual needs of customers, and in these cases to request it you must be of age and receive a salary. For these categories it is advisable to combine the loan with an insurance policy that acts as a cover in case of insolvency due to unforeseen circumstances, job loss, disability and various other factors.

Retired loan

Signor Prestito for pensioners INPS has thought of a type of non-finalized loan, useful for obtaining liquidity in a short time, in fact, the personal loan for pensioners can be repaid in convenient installments established at the time of opening the practice and up to 120 installments , you can apply for up to 75 years of age.

It is also possible to include an insurance policy in the contract that protects the customer in case of unforeseen events such as temporary disability, illness, and other eventualities.

Moreover, Signor Prestito for retirees in Italy always offers solutions at the lowest rates on the market.

Loan Assignment of the fifth

Now let’s analyze another type of credit offered by the company Mr. Transparency Loan: the Assignment of the Fifth.

The latter is essentially a type of loan for public, state, private and retired INPS and former INPDAP employees, with installments and repayment methods designed specifically for these categories.

We would like to clarify that the installment cannot exceed one fifth of the salary, and the repayment Mr. Bank loan is deducted directly from the paycheck or pension.

The Assignment of the Fifth, moreover, includes insurance policies included directly in the contractual stipulation, and usually are those at risk of employment, designed to protect the company in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

With this type of loan, up to € 75,000 can be requested, payable in 120 months.

Signor Prestito delivery times

Finally, let’s analyze the Signor Prestito disbursement times for the various financing options listed above.

Let’s start with the Assignment of the Fifth Signor Prestito: it can take from two to three weeks, this is because the aforementioned type, by law, needs defined bureaucratic times.

As for the personal loans Signor Prestito, the loan for retirees and other options, the disbursement times are slightly tapered. Usually, if there are no particular problems, once all the necessary checks have been carried out, it will be possible to access the agreed sum in a period ranging from seven to ten working days. Obviously, the timing may also vary based on the amount of money requested and any coverage guarantees.

Dear readers of Financial Empires, thanks to this in-depth analysis you have all the information you need to choose your personal loan.

Financial Empires, The Editorial Staff



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