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Most of us have a capital, small or large, which we have been able to put aside over the years with difficulty. A nest egg we care about in a particular way, because maybe it was saved with difficulty, to make our dream come true or perhaps more simply as a fund for family safety. What if at some point we decide to make an investment? Maybe investing in the stock market, where should we start? Well, today through this in-depth study, you will discover everything you need to enter the sector of investments on the stock market, rewarding, but not without doubts and obstacles.

Stock market investments what are they?

Let’s start immediately by understanding what it means to invest in stock market (or play in the stock market). Basically it consists of investing in the stock market, trying to earn money by fluctuating and changing the prices of shares on the stock exchange.

The definition of playing on the stock market online can be misleading, especially when it comes to invested capital, in fact earning by investing in the financial markets is not a game; indeed, the more correct expression would be the formula investing in the stock market online, rather than using the term play.

Usually, the goals of the stock player are related to profit (earnings exchange). If the stock price of a company is expected to rise, then the investor buys the stock in hopes of reselling it when the price has risen, thus earning on the difference in the purchase price and the sale price. .

There is also the possibility of playing down a stock on the stock exchange, in fact, if you were to guess that the prices on the stock exchange will drop, you can sell a stock at the current market price and buy it back when the price has dropped, thus earning. on the difference.

This type of stock exchange trading is made possible by CFDs (contract for difference), types of contracts that are based on the value and price movements of the shares on the market, and not on the physical possession of the shares on the stock exchange.

Invest in the stock market from home

With the arrival of new technologies, investing in the stock market from home has never been so easy and affordable for everyone, as in this period.

Through the increasingly global expansion of the internet, online trading has arrived that has forever disrupted the concept of playing on the stock market online and investing in the stock market from home, alone in many cases.

Where to invest in trading?

For example, with online earnings trading you can invest in:

  • Various types of financial products
  • Shares on the stock exchange
  • Forex Trading
  • ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)
  • Raw material

And the rest of the equity sector, all investing from home, in comfort and without having to go through tedious bureaucratic steps, which in the past used to waste a lot of time and money.

Today, thanks to financial brokers (intermediaries that allow private investors to trade online and not only, indeed anyone to invest in the stock market from home) it is possible to start earning interesting figures on the stock market.

Invest in CFDs

Most people who start investing in the stock market today do so with contracts for difference, also defined by the acronym CFD (which in English stands for Contract for Difference).

Therefore, stock exchange CFDs are basically contracts that the broker makes available to its customers and that deal with following the price of a specific underlying, which can be a stock, an index, a commodity, or currencies. .

For this reason, CFDs on the stock exchange are highly appreciated, also because they offer the possibility of opening positions, so-called, short selling.

If the investor senses that a certain stock is about to go down, he can open a short position with CFDs and bet on the downside, earning on the price change.

Invest in the stock market without risk

Investing in the stock market without risk is the dream that every trader who enters the market has been chasing since the beginning of their career. But unfortunately this is not the reality, there can always be some investment risk in the stock market, even if minimal.

We assume that investing in the stock market in search of dividends without risk can be translated into being aware of the risks associated with investing in the stock market and being able to optimize earnings on the stock market.

For these reasons it is very difficult to talk about how to invest in the stock market without risk, what you can do is focus your portfolio on an adequate diversification of instruments and markets, study and monitor price trends and fluctuations frequently.

Mistakes not to be made on the stock market

Obviously there are also situations that can be easily avoided when making investments in the stock market, such as:

Entrust your capital to unsafe and reliable trading platforms
Our advice is to turn to 100% reliable trading brokers, to avoid taking unnecessary risks on the stock market. Among other things, some practices such as Social trading have managed to bring myriads of new investors closer to the markets, all this using a copy trading tool that allows you to independently control the investment risk, exactly as a professional in the sector would do.

Advice on stock market investments

To invest properly in the stock market, you should first of all make a technical analysis of the price trend, gathering information on the companies to invest in on the stock exchange and analyze the market in which it operates.

To invest in the stock market with little money it is necessary to go through an intermediary, therefore, we can contact our trusted bank or more simply to an online trading platform.

The purchased securities are accumulated in the new securities account subscribed by the trader and in addition to this, the costs of the account in question must be added.

Platforms for making investments on the stock exchange

There are many online investment platforms, all known and with an excellent reputation, to name a few:

  • eToro
  • XTB
  • Directa and many others

The only factor to keep in mind when investing in the online stock market is to choose only Consob authorized trading platforms such as the aforementioned, therefore free, safe and reliable because they are regulated by CONSOB.

This is because with the advent of derivative instruments and the complexization of the scenario, investing in the stock market requires much more awareness and experience, so a good idea could be to take advantage of the demo online trading versions, so as to invest in the stock market with virtual money on markets and study them thoroughly before actually touching your savings.

Stock exchange trading with options

Another point to take into consideration is that when investing in the stock market, it is always better to operate with securities of large companies, especially multinationals, because they are under the constant magnifying glass of financial analysts and, therefore, are safer investments.

Small, small-cap stocks can have unpredictable price movements, making the stock of a multi-billion dollar multinational virtually untouchable.

If, on the other hand, you have few funds to invest, the options that stock market investment experts suggest are, for example:

  • Investing in equity funds
  • Investing in ETFs

Mutual funds can require a minimum of 1,000 euros and also solve the problem of diversification, because they invest in different stocks within a single market.

Investing in the stock market is worthwhile, but if it is a medium / long-term online investment it is better to avoid investing amounts that we may need in the short term.

Well dear readers of Financial Empires, now you have all the information on how to invest in the stock market, the investment options and everything you need to start investing in the stock market.

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