The 20 Richest Countries In The World By Nominal GDP

Welcome back to Financial Empires, today we will see which are the 20 richest countries in the world, it is an official ranking whose source is the International Monetary Fund, although we would like to point out that the rankings released by the CIA and the World Bank may differ slightly.

The calculations are clearly approximate because we are not given the absolute exactness of the revenues generated by each single country but broadly these are the positions of the countries with the most influential economies on the planet.

Furthermore, we would like to remember that the ranking is ordered according to Nominal GDP, an indicator that is used to understand what is the wealth in absolute terms of each individual country, however this indicator does not refer to the level of well-being of the country itself, in that case it would be more useful to look at the list of countries by GDP per capita or the BEN, indicators that are certainly more appropriate for that specific case.

Now enough with the chatter and let’s move on to our list immediately!

The amounts are to be considered in millions of $US.

  1. United States of America | 20,510,604
  2. China | 18.495.349
  3. Japan | 5,070,269
  4. Germany | 4,029,140
  5. France | 2,889,473
  6. United Kingdom | 2,810,000
  7. India | 2,689,992
  8. Italy | 2,086,911
  9. Brazil | 1,909,386
  10. Canada | 1,733,706
  11. South Korea | 1,665,608
  12. Russia | 1,876,488
  13. Spain | 1,446,911
  14. Australia | 1,427,767
  15. Mexico | 1,199,264
  16. Indonesia | 1,005,268
  17. Netherlands | 909.887
  18. Saudi Arabia | 769.878
  19. Turkey | 713.513
  20. Switzerland | 709.118
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