The Highest Paid Jobs In The World | 20 Jobs With The Best Salaries

Work is a right and in turn an essential element in our life, it represents a source of income but also a way of feeling fully satisfied at a working level. Working in what you love is the greatest joy for everyone, but so is earning a lot of money by doing a specific job. Find out in today’s article which are the highest paid jobs in the world with our ranking of the 20 jobs with the best salaries.

What are the highest paid jobs in the world?

Let’s go now to see which are the most profitable jobs in the world, the most profitable and sought after professions on the job market. Leaving aside the elite job categories such as artists, sportsmen, actors and singers, we will focus on the professions that are more within reach, so for those who are still studying, they could find the right inspiration by reading our article.

We live in an increasingly globalized, ever-changing world and with it the need for new skills for work. So let’s start our journey through the highest paying jobs in the world.

Senior Developer Engineer

Let’s start with the senior developer engineer (also known as a Senior Developer Engineer in the IT sector), who can earn up to € 300,000 per year.

Engineers who specialize in this area can earn up to € 100,000 per year and become market leaders in companies like Facebook or Amazon by specializing in areas such as cloud computing, big data analytics that make use of extremely large collections involving multiple variables measured simultaneously and use of machine learning algorithms designed specifically for this field of information technology.

Director of the Board

The Board Member (CDA) is a high-level managerial and strategic role that usually requires years of experience in the field, but annual figures of close to 250,000 euros can be reached.

This professional figure is responsible for deciding on the company’s actions, whether it has one or more partners.


Another highly paid and quoted job is certainly that of the Doctor, who can earn around 118,000 euros per year.

European medical professionals usually receive higher standard medical salaries especially in northern European countries.


Even the Broker (or so-called financial intermediary) gets to receive important figures, we are talking about about 115,000 euros a year.

For the uninitiated, the broker is an intermediary consultant (usually works in the finance and insurance sector) who manages assets on behalf of third parties and works within the risk capital sectors where the stakes are high, win it means profiting from financial investments, both for oneself and for one’s clients.

Business director

An excellent professional career is certainly that of the business manager, with an annual salary of 114,000 euros, it is certainly a very attractive role.

They are specialized roles and focus on a particular aspect of finance or administration of the company where they serve.

Banking executive (also in the fashion jobs and luxury sector)

Here we deal with two professionals with high salaries:

  • Executive in the fashion and luxury sector
  • Executive of a bank

The profit here is around 110,000 euros per year, this also considering the general decline in profits; banks, above all, are looking for figures capable of directing strategic projects, providing fintech financial services and digitization.

Airplane pilot

Undoubtedly, the airplane pilot has always been a very fascinating job, also one of the highest paid jobs in the world, we are talking about 88,000 euros a year, for an airline pilot.

Flying planes requires unique skills that are not found anywhere else except in this specific profession such as:

  • Timing
  • Precision
  • Use of sophisticated systems

They make it one of the highest paid and specialized professions in the world.

Financial advisor

Financial advisors, with around 75 thousand euros a year, are not doing as badly. Those are responsible for advising companies on how to invest their money.

They must have a detailed knowledge of the business in which they operate, and it is therefore essential to study and experience in the field in this work.

Highest paid jobs in the world that you didn’t expect would be so profitable

Let’s continue with the most profitable professions on the planet.

Pharmaceutical representative

Specifically, the pharmaceutical informant is responsible for explaining to doctors the composition, dosage, side effects, methods of use of the new medicines on the market, assuming an active role in all company procedures, especially in terms of product safety.

The salary of an established pharmaceutical informant in the field is around 43,000 euros per year.


Another prestigious role is undoubtedly that of the notary, whose notary salary is around 300,000 euros per year, and configures notarial deeds or other functions within it to give legal and probative validity to certain acts.

Cloud Architect

The Cloud Architect is a profession that is gaining ground with the use of new technologies, it is nothing more than an architect who deals with designing and building cloud environments that are scalable, and therefore easily manageable and that adapt as much as possible to business needs. of a company.

The annual cloud architect salary ranges from 60 to 150 thousand euros. Not bad!

University professor

The university professor, given his prestigious role, manages to bring home about 90,000 euros a year.

It must be said that it is not easy to become a university professor, in fact, the path is long and studded with sacrifices.

Starred chef

The starred chef is one of those jobs in which the apprenticeship and many years of study are fundamental.

The maximum starred chef salary can exceed € 6,800 net per month. While if you own a restaurant, your annual turnover amounts to around 259 million euros, which corresponds to a salary of around 775,000 euros per year.

Software developer

With the spread of new technologies, the software developer is a highly sought-after and therefore well-paid figure.

Worldwide, the average software developer salary is 85 thousand euros per year. A senior software developer can even reach € 300,000 per year.

Flight controller

Like the airplane pilot, which we dealt with previously, the flight controller is also a highly specialized profession and carries a high degree of responsibility. This figure directs and controls the traffic of national airspace, both inbound and outbound.

Aerospace engineer

Still in the field of skies, the Aerospace Engineer is an extremely sought-after figure, in fact he deals with the design of aircraft, helicopters, satellites, spacecraft and spacecraft, designing systems, equipment and components to be installed on board them.

The average salary of an Aerospace Engineer is € 43,800 gross per year and can reach a maximum of € 120,000 gross per year.

Other most sought after professions with high salaries

In addition to these more sought-after professions and salaries well above the average, there are many other roles that provide interested economic positions. Jobs like:

  • Surgeon (the salary of the surgeon can easily exceed 110 thousand euros per year in Italy)
  • Orthodontists (professionals who deal with the aesthetics of the teeth and treat diseases or malformations of the mouth, in general terms, can earn salaries that are around 95,000 euros per year)
  • Dentists (a dentist with his own office has a very significant salary, around 110,000 euros per year)
  • Lawyers (especially if it is a corporate lawyer, this can earn around € 160,000 per year).

These professionals have nothing to envy as annual earnings to the professions we have covered previously.

So if you want to change your life, choose from the highest paid jobs in the world, in the ranking that we have compiled for you in this article. You are ready?

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