Vivid Money Card | How It Works, Costs and Cashback

The online banking and investment platforms that face today’s market are really many and of various types. Today we will talk in more detail and in-depth about one of them, namely the Vivid money card, and we will analyze all its features, reviews, spending limits and vivid money costs. Let’s begin!

What is Vivid money card?

Let’s start with the genesis of this Vivid Money card, it is a new digital investment banking platform developed by the Solarisbank AG credit institution, and it is in many ways an innovative solution, easy to use and with multiple benefits, since we are talking of a bank that allows you to carry out all types of transactions completely digitally, through a special mobile application available for:

  • Vivid money Android
  • iOS
  • Vivid bank account

Vivid Money Italia is particularly suitable for people who want to speed up their bank movements and, why not, grow their Vivid bank account.

It is a free and simple current account to open, it only takes a few minutes, it is also equipped with a German IBAN and a metal Vivid debit card belonging to the Visa circuit (Metal Vivid card).

Moreover, the Vivid money card can be used as a savings account, in fact, you can create Vivid Pockets, a method to better organize and manage money, through the expense and savings management app.

In addition, from Vivid bank you can also make investments in stocks from different countries and wire transfers without any kind of commission.

Let’s now discover the main features of Vivid Money card.

How does Vivid card work?

Now let’s see in concrete, how the Vivid money card works.

It is basically an intuitive, simple and practical bank account to use, with many options to offer the customer a very rich and multifaceted experience.

In fact, we are talking about a Vivid bank account that is very easy to manage.

Vivid Money card gives its customers the ability to:

  • Monitor your account activity via instant notifications
  • View your transaction history
  • It also allows you to manage expenses through spending limits (set previously), and in case of exceeding you are notified through ad hoc notifications

Grow your savings

This Vivid money euro card is also excellent for savings management and offers the possibility of making investments in stocks, ETFs, bonds and other financial instruments; plus, it has a great Vivid cashback system.

Everything is guaranteed through the anti-fraud and hacking system, specifically designed to always guarantee the privacy and protection of sensitive data.

Is Vivid Money Card Safe?

Account security, in fact, is provided by two-factor authentication and access via biometric authentication, used, for example, to confirm all operations.

Among other things, it is possible, in the event of fraud or theft, to request protection by joining the German Deposit Guarantee Fund, an option that makes Vivid money card even more secure.

How to register for Vivid?

Registering with the Vivid app is completely free (directly from Vivid official website), provides a bank account with IBAN and you have the option of having up to five Vivid cards, two physical and three virtual.

In addition, it is possible to create secondary IBAN accounts, of minor importance and that can be shared with other Vivid money EU card users.

Vivid mobile banking

With the Vivid mobile banking application, you can use multiple currencies from a single account, with over 150 currencies for purchases and more than 100 currencies for transfers, purchases and transactions of any kind.

This account offers, as mentioned above, independent savings spaces, Vivid pockets, which are real sub-accounts to manage your money safely, you can create up to 15 pockets with distinct IBANs and different currencies, ideal for who travels a lot.

Among the many options there is also the possibility to send and receive money quickly and conveniently, through the various types of methods available on the Vivid account.

It is also possible to add currencies other than the euro, without any exchange fees. Just enter the mobile number, email or IBAN of the account to which you want to send or receive money.

How to pay with Vivid?

For payments with Vivid, in addition to those with Vivid Money card, it is possible to make SEPA transfers and contactless payments with Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Vivid money costs and account types

The offer made available to its customers by Vivid Money Card includes two different fees:

  • Vivid Standard
  • Vivid Prime

Let’s see the differences together.

Vivid Standard

Let’s start with the standard version which includes:

  • Free monthly fee
  • Currency exchanges in over 40 different types
  • Vivid monthly cashback up to 20 euros
  • Free withdrawals up to 200 euros per month
  • It provides the first free virtual card to make online purchases

Vivid Prime

The Prime version has a monthly fee of 9.90 euros and here it is possible to choose between 107 currencies, with a monthly cashback that reaches a maximum of 100 euros, and a free virtual card is also included.

As for ATM withdrawals, up to 1000 euros per month are free.

Two great options of Vivid cards to choose from.

In addition to that, you can opt for the Vivid physical card among:

  • The Vivid money plastic card
  • The customized version

With free delivery for the latter Vivid plastic cards or for customized versions, with a first top-up of at least € 200; otherwise, you pay for the delivery and the cost is € 9.90.

How to activate Vivid card?

Now let’s see what are the steps to take to register and create an account on Vivid app.

First, you need to access Vivid official website and complete the registration, you can proceed in two distinct ways through:

The Vivid application

From Vivid website, in this way the site refers in any case to the download of the application, which can be done via telephone number, e-mail address, or QR Code
So, when you have downloaded the Vivid App it takes a few minutes, useful for verifying data and identity documents, through the KYC Vivid process, to ensure additional security for the customer:

Basically, a connected smartphone, the application, a valid document and an email to receive the verification codes are all you need to open a Vivid account
Once the credentials have been obtained, it is possible to log in to the platform by entering the identification and password, after which the account can be accessed.

Invest with Vivid Money

Another service that Vivid Money card offers is the investment section, with which it is possible to access a series of financial products and implement strategies to invest in the stock market, specifically, it is possible to consider paying resources into numerous financial assets, since it can count over 2,000 selectable instruments, such as:

  • Tesla
  • Amazon and
  • Other large global companies

The minimum deposit to start is relatively low, and it is allowed to invest in shares even in a fractional way, with the possibility of transferring any gains derived from investment activities directly to the Vivid account.

Perfect dear readers of Financial Empires, now thanks to our guide you know everything you need about the Vivid money card and Vivid money costs.

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