Want More Money? The Secret Formula They Didn’t Teach You in School

I am fascinated by money what it is, how it operates, how to attract it, save it, invest it, spend it, give it to others and create more of it.

In palmistry, women entrepreneurs hands reveal, in the hands simple, straightforward way, the STRUCTURE of money as well as what to do and what NOT to do to have a good relationship with money.

Look at the palm of your hand. The middle finger is divided into three zones. The upper zone represents women business owners ‘system’ of money, the middle zone represents the ‘management’ of money and the bottom zone represents the ‘roots’ of money.

The upper zone of the middle finger says that money has a system to it. This system may be abstract and invisible at first glance, but it has a system nonetheless.

The lower zone says that money has its roots in the Earth. If you think about it, EVERY TANGIBLE THING WE POSSESS COMES FROM THE EARTH. Your desk, your computer, your clothes, the food you eat, gold, diamonds, etc. – all this bounty comes from the Earth.

The middle zone is where the system of money and the material resources of money combine. Managed properly, women entrepreneurs put money in the bank. Thus, the middle zone of the middle finger is about managing money.

The System of Money (palmistry upper zone): Money is a precise measure of value – it either adds up or it doesn’t. Money deals in numbers that can be put on spreadsheets and on profit and loss statements. Money is orderly and therefore, it LOVES order. If women business owners want to attract more money, they need to have structures in place that organize the money that they attract. Structures such as balanced bank accounts, an accountant, a bookkeeper and a SYSTEM for their business. The more women entrepreneurs can create reliable, repeatable systems in their businesses, the more money they will have.

The Management of Money (palmistry middle zone): This is money in the bank – preferably in an account with your name on it! The precision of your money system directly impacts the flow of money in and out of your bank account. As a palmistry expert, I cannot stress this enough.

The Roots of Money (palmistry lower zone): Money is the systematic measuring of the value placed on goods and services. ALL goods and services come, originally, from the root of all roots – Mother Earth. ‘Money’ measures value – tangible and intangible. The ‘root’ of money is that which is valuable – things you can touch as well as things you can’t. Your inner value system can’t be held like a diamond in your hand – but it’s critical to your success in business. Your values MUST line up with your actions.

Here are some palmistry formulas that reveal the STRUCTURE of money:


Formula Key: Upper Finger Zone = System; Middle Finger Zone = Management; Bottom Finger Zone = Resources

Excellent System + Excellent Management + Excellent Resources (your inner values, knowledge, desire, passion, focus, additional money) = $$$$

Some System + Some Management + Some Resources = some $$

No System + No Resources + No Management = what money?

Here’s another way to play with our formula: a good system plus solid values equals money in the bank.

For many women entrepreneurs that I coach, the SYSTEM seems to be the missing piece. Most women business owners are keenly aware of their bank account status because it’s a physical reality. But the necessary systems to honor their inner values often get left in the dust. Why? Because they’re not in our face every dayFeature Articles, demanding our attention.


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