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Welcome back dear loyal readers of Financial Empires, we are always happy with the trust with which you repay us every day. In today’s article, we will talk about what to do with 100.000 euros.

A question that many investors and savers have repeatedly asked themselves is the following:

In our in-depth analysis, we will see where it is worthwhile to invest, the most profitable alternatives and where to invest 100.000 euros.

What to do with 100.000 euros? Attention!

Let’s now go to concretely understand what can be done with 100.000 euros.

There is usually always a period in life when the right time comes to evaluate some investment ideas, to ensure that your future is brighter and more peaceful.

Ideas that can be concentrated in the field of the financial market.

It must be said that not everyone can have 100.000 euros available to invest, for this reason it is necessary to know how to accurately assess the right market.

In fact, when you are about to decide how to invest 100.000 euros, it is advisable to carefully evaluate all the steps to follow, because having such a figure at your disposal, you can decide to plan to have an above average lifestyle.

And precisely for this reason it is advisable to carefully evaluate how and where to spend your earnings, to try to obtain the greatest possible profit.

If you act wisely, you can profitably use the 100.000 euros you have available.

Where to invest 100.000 euros?

Let’s start by evaluating all the options and the various alternatives that the market makes available for those who have a 100,000 euro current account.

The first thing that one asks if he is lucky enough to have a figure like this is certainly what to do with 100,000 euros, and understand how and where it is convenient to invest them.

Bank investment

One of the ideas we would like to offer you is to invest through a banking institution.

In such a case, your financial advisors will start proposing to:

Investing in investment funds
Wealth management consultancy
Life insurance

Investment certificates

Another interesting option are investment certificates.

In this case, due to the management costs which are on average around 2% per year, obtaining very high earnings is rather difficult.

But do not despair, to remedy this, follow these simple tips.

Financial instruments evaluation

To start, avoid all products that involve managed savings, regardless of name or category of origin.

Because by avoiding expensive financial instruments, the final returns that can be obtained in the future can be immediately increased.

Investment plan
The second alternative is to develop and study a plan to invest 100.000 euros in complete safety.

For this task, you can rely on independent experts, financial brokers who will be able to follow you step by step.

Invest alone
Alternatively, you can learn how to invest on your own.

Although we would like to advise you if you decide to move alone, do a lot of practice and study the subject well, so as not to risk running into errors of any kind.

However, in any case, a starting plan is essential, especially when the capital to invest is very high.

Investing in ETFs
You could, for example, rely on low-cost ETFs.

Indeed, investing in ETFs is simple, cheap and particularly profitable.

Through this type of financial investment you can build a portfolio designed specifically for your needs, without taking unnecessary risks and paying high commissions.

Of course you need to invest in stocks that allow you to buy shares, and consider using a platform in the declarative regime, to:

  • To be able to declare their possession every year
  • Avoid future problems with the taxman
  • Financial investments

Another classic alternative is to make financial investments, even if this option can put your finances at risk, it is at the same time the one that can allow you to make more profit in a short time, especially for those who have the right knowledge.

This is because the stock market is one of the most important sectors to be able to increase your income.

Investing in stocks

Investing your money in stocks or in foreign currency, for example, as in commodities, with the right knowledge guarantees an excellent economic return.

However, it is always advisable to rely on the hands of an expert. In this way, even without the necessary knowledge you can have excellent advantages.

What to buy with 100.000 euros?

Another safe sector in which to invest 100.000 euros is the real estate market.

For those who decide to invest in the brick instead of to invest in etf has a wide range of possibilities.

Buy real estate
For example, you can decide to buy real estate or commercial activities and then resell the properties, developing a profit on the sale.

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Rent a house
Alternatively, homes or businesses acquired through long or short rentals can be rented.

For example, for those who reside in the city or live in a tourist area, you have the possibility to start a B&B or decide to rent through Airbnb and Booking:

Which are two of the platforms most used by those looking for holiday accommodation and for those who want to profit from their own property that is free at that time
Or rent only the free rooms of your private property.

And thanks to these online services and a strong propensity to welcome customers, you can earn a decent amount of money, especially in the most touristic areas, at any time of the year.

Because if well furnished it can become a cozy double bedroom, even a small room, perfect for people who come to visit the city where the house is located.

Invest in advertising

If you carry out an entrepreneurial activity, you can introduce some good that will allow you to generate greater revenues and save time to be exploited for other related activities, such as:

That if done properly, it could allow you to get a lot more clientele, which will later turn into extra income and earnings.

Especially by using social networks and platforms such as TripAdvisor and Booking, which allow you to have positive feedback and reviews from patrons, so as to get further publicity. Zero expenses and if the business works, maximum income.

Well dear friends of Financial Empires, thanks to this article you have a series of options and clearer ideas on what to do with 100.000 euros.

Financial Empires, The Editorial Staff



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