When to Open VAT In Italy, For Bloggers and Influencers

Welcome back to Financial Empires, today we will see when bloggers and influencers must open a VAT number in Italy to be in compliance with the tax authorities without incurring serious penalties imposed by the country’s supervisory bodies.

First of all, the VAT number must not be opened when certain conditions are met, this is because you could have losses but above all because it is not provided for by our code and would prove to be completely useless.

These situations concern temporality but also the profitability of our work.

In fact, if a person carries out work occasionally and there is no continuity in the profession, one is not subject to the obligation to open the VAT number, furthermore another requirement for not having the obligation to open the VAT number is that they must not be exceeded. the famous 5,000 euros a year.

But be careful if your business is continuous and characterized by professionalism criteria, you will still be subject to opening even if this involves losses for your small business.

When a blogger or an influencer has to open the VAT number

Nowadays there are more and more new and never before seen professions, thanks to the change that society is undergoing with the advent of the internet and social networks, which is why we wanted to mention the case of a blogger or an Instagram influencer or even youtuber.

Citing these cases above, therefore, it is clear that the specific case in point must be carefully evaluated, in fact there are bloggers who are required to open the VAT number and bloggers who do not need it.

For example, if your site has Adsense ads you are theoretically obliged to open the VAT number, this is because your business continues even if published once in a while, this is due to the fact that your site is always online therefore your business presents continuity character.

As far as influencers are concerned, the discourse is a little more complex, from this point of view there are some regulatory gaps that will probably need to be filled by the government in the coming years.

At the moment, however, influencers are obliged to open the VAT number if they exceed the threshold of 5,000 euros or if they have continuous collaborations with one or more brands.

Therefore, if you are an influencer on Instagram and simply post photos and every now and then make some paid collaboration with a brand you don’t have to worry at all.

For the Youtubers, the situation is different, because if they are enrolled in the Adsense program, the same condition applied to bloggers applies to them, in fact they are actually exercising a continuous activity by placing ads on their videos that are always present online!

There is no obligation to open a VAT number when you simply write articles and therefore put them online without the publication of ads, without joining the Adsense program or similar programs such as Amazon affiliate etc.

How much does it cost to open the VAT number for a blogger or influencer

Now that you are aware of how the law on the matter in Italy works, you might be interested in knowing how much the VAT number costs for a blogger or influencer to regularize your position.

The cost depends on your turnover, in fact if you exceed the threshold of 65,000 euros a year you will be subjected to the ordinary VAT system, you will have to pay a tax of about 100 euros annually to the chamber of commerce, pay the IRAP and IRPEF rates which vary according to your income, VAT, (although in essence it will be the customers who pay it by applying the supplement), plus contributions.

Since there is no social security fund for bloggers and influencers, you will be enrolled in the separate management therefore the contributions to be paid amount to 25.98%, with a minimum annual contribution of 3,828.72 euros to be paid in 4 quarterly installments equal to 957.18 euros.

The flat rate scheme for bloggers and influencers

The flat-rate scheme is a useful tool to reduce the costs of the VAT number available for all those who do not exceed 65,000 euros per year.

This particular regime created by the Conte government on a proposal from the Lega provides for the abolition of personal income tax, IRAP and VAT, the simplification of VAT management and only a rate of 15% which for the first 5 years is reduced to 5%. .

As regards the contributions with the flat-rate scheme, one is subject only to a rate of 25.72% on the declared income, this applies to all those who are enrolled in the separate management and therefore not enrolled in a register, including bloggers and influencer.

A very great help for all those who intend to open a VAT number in Italy, thanks to which they will be able to regularize their position with the revenue agency without incurring very high fines.

How to open the VAT number and how long does it take

Basically, opening the VAT number is a fairly simple procedure, especially if it is a flat-rate scheme, in fact you just need to go to the accountant and he will communicate the start of the new business to the chamber of commerce and the revenue agency. will assign a VAT number in order to start.

The accountant will therefore act as an intermediary between you and the revenue agency, you will only have to sign some documents and a proxy to allow the accountant to keep your accounts, make the declarations and communicate with the chamber of commerce and the agency revenue on your own obviously in exchange for a fee which generally shouldn’t be too expensive for the flat rate scheme.

As for the timing, unfortunately in Italy we are always much slower than in other European countries, however in less than a month you should still be able to get your VAT number and start working in order.

In any case, our advice is to always contact your accountant before embarking on any path in this bureaucratic world in which it becomes really difficult to extricate yourself, especially in Italy.

Thanks for being with us, this article on the opening of the VAT number for bloggers and influencers ends here, if you found it interesting, share it with your friends via the social buttons you find below and let us know your opinion by commenting below, see you soon and good continuation on Financial Empires.

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