Where to Invest 10000 euros | Tips For Managing Your Savings

Let’s start from an assumption, savings are sacred, especially if we have worked and made sacrifices for years to have a nest egg aside. But we also know very well that investing your savings, possibly wisely, can help grow our fund. Today we will give you some valuable tips to manage your savings: how and where to invest 10,000 euros. Let’s find out together.

How can I invest 10000 euros?

After several years of work, if you are lucky, you can accumulate a certain amount of savings in your checking account. Well, but many do not know that keeping the capital still does not yield any kind of gain.

Certainly there is no possibility that big risks are taken in depositing this money, but it is equally true that it is worth investing your savings in a safe way to try to make money from this swag.

There are many alternatives and ways of investing money. Now let’s see how and where to invest your savings.

How and where to invest 10000 euros?

In recent years there has been an exponential growth of the financial markets and this is only the beginning, in fact, the growth of inflation has opened up multiple investment scenarios.

But be careful! given that the market landscape is characterized by uncertainties and opportunities, it is therefore essential to understand how and where it is worthwhile to invest 10,000 euros, which we have set aside hard to build a more stable and secure financial future.

Obviously, the investment of 10,000 euros does not allow us to live on an income, but it can be the economic basis that will allow us to plan expenses or purchases of a certain value or, be useful for learning how to move in this characteristic sector to build a solid discipline of saving money over time.

Investing your savings correctly today is anything but simple. Fortunately, there are many independent financial advisors on the market today, who will be able to guide us through the rugged peaks of the financial markets.

There are professionals who monitor and invest according to agreed and planned strategies, all this is further facilitated by the technologies we have available, which make the safe investment process faster and more efficient.

Where to invest 10000 euros safely?

There are several alternatives where to invest 10,000 euros in 2022. Let’s go into some of these investment strategies.

First of all it should be noted that there are different investment methods to make this figure yield, such as:

  • Invest all 10000 euros in a single investment
  • Diversify the 10,000 euros by dividing them, for example, into 4 different investments, each of 2,500 euros

These are just a couple of viable money investment options.

Safe money investments

Another focal point that certainly cannot be overlooked is safety, in our opinion the most important factor.

If you prefer to invest 10000 euros without risk, in a safe way, you must avoid playing on the stock market or attempting speculation in Forex trading and binary options, moreover because scams in this area are just around the corner.

Therefore, you have to be very careful where you invest your money

A good option focused on prudence are certainly these investments:

  • Government Bonds: Ordinary Treasury Bills (BOTs), Multi-year Treasury Bills (BTPs), etc.
  • Postal savings bonds
  • Deposit accounts

The gain is very minimal and the interest rates on savings hardly exceed 1% per year. An excellent option for those who have no intention of spending sleepless nights.

Another example of safe investments are undoubtedly the deposit accounts without constraints. These accounts offer a lower savings deposit return than the restricted ones, but allow you to withdraw your money at any time, with a short notice to your bank.

Where to invest € 10,000 the best way to manage your savings?

Now let’s go into the concrete by making some examples of investments from 10,000 euros upwards. If you are willing to invest your earnings in the medium / long term, the Stock Exchange is for you, in which case you can opt for one of these investment options:

  • Buying shares in a publicly traded company
  • By buying listed shares of any company you become the owner and thus participate in the annual distribution of profits and dividends.

In this regard, there are different types of shares on the stock market that you can buy with 10,000 euros of investment, such as:

Stock Exchange ordinary shares: allow you to participate not only in the distribution of dividends, but also in the company organization. In practice, they allow those who own them to actually be a shareholder of the company in question.
Borsa Italiana preferred shares: allow you to participate in profits and with a higher percentage than the holders of ordinary shares.
Savings shares on the stock exchange: these are shares that, in the event of a profit in the company, allow for greater gains than the other two, but unlike the latter, they do not give any power to the corporate organization. They remain the best choice if you are only interested in monetizing.

ETF investments

Another very popular alternative in recent periods is undoubtedly investments in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), ie passive investment funds that simply replicate the performance of a financial index. They are traded on the stock exchange and can therefore be purchased through the bank or directly through a trading platform.

Equity ETFs are therefore investment funds that buy / sell shares, but have advantages over the latter, because when the market goes up ETFs and shares earn more or less the same amount, when the market falls the shares lose more.

As in the other cases, even ETF investments are not 100% safe products, you need to have in-depth knowledge of the sector to be able to generate noteworthy earnings.

Invest 10,000 euros in the post office or bank

A valid alternative is undoubtedly to invest in postal savings bonds (Bfp). Unfortunately, this is an investment with very low earnings, in fact they are only recommended if you are looking for a certain Poste Italiane investment, without risk, because the BFPs are guaranteed by the State and if you are not in a hurry to earn in the short term.

Type of postal savings bonds

There are three types of interest-bearing postal vouchers:

  • Ordinary postal vouchers
  • Postal savings bonds expiring in 18 months
  • Postal bonds indexed to inflation

In our opinion, among the cheapest postal savings bonds or the most profitable ones are ordinary postal savings bonds which, at best, guarantee you a yield of less than 1%.

The investment of 10,000 euros in a savings deposit account can be an alternative long-term option, guaranteeing a constant, albeit minimal, gain. The best deposit accounts have a yield of up to 2% gross.

Invest 10,000 euros in gold

Now let’s analyze a different type of investment from those seen previously, we are talking about investing in gold. In fact, he has its own market in which it is sold and bought at a certain price, which can be consulted online in real time.

We are talking about a fairly reliable investment in gold and in which you earn on the difference between the gold purchase price and the gold selling price.

We recommend investing in gold only if you are sure you do not need the money for about 4/5 years, since the price of gold is very fluctuating and only in the long term can significant increases be seen.

Well dear readers of Financial Empires, we have shown you several ways on how and where to invest 10,000 euros to manage your savings. Now it’s up to you to choose the most profitable investment.

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