You card, How It Works, Costs, How To Apply For It

Hello and welcome back dear loyal readers of Financial Empires, always happy to see you again with us. In today’s article, we will talk about credit cards, in this case, we will deal in particular with the you card.

We will analyze how the you credit card works, its costs and what advantages you can have through its use. We will also see how to request it and its main features.

Advanzia Bank You Card

Let’s start by understanding which bank is behind the you Iban card, a company that for over 15 years has essentially focused on specific financial products, that is, credit cards.

Indeed, Advanzia Bank provides credit cards to all types of customers, both private and institutional, with products for all needs.


Advanzia bank was born as a digital institution in 2005, with headquarters in Luxembourg.

It has specialized from the outset in the issuance of credit cards and alternative solutions, for private and corporate customers as well as for institutions.

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Their flagship product is the You Advanzia credit card for private customers, available for many European markets.

To date, it can count on approximately 2.1 million customers who use the You credit card, and 2.2 billion euros deposited in their deposit accounts, opened both by their private customers and by the numerous commercial partner companies.

As mentioned before, one of their main products are credit cards and the Advanzia savings account.

The Luxembourg bank Advanzia works on three types of customers, namely:

  • Private customers
  • Business partners
  • Financial institutions
  • Customers

For private customers, the aforementioned bank offers a commission-free Advanzia Gold Mastercard and Advanzia Bank deposit account.

While for business partners, the company offers a Gold, co-branded, or white-label Mastercard credit card for customer loyalty.

But this version of the Advanzia card offers excellent discounts and rewards to final customers, and also gives the possibility of a graphic customization of your choice.

Finally, for institutional clients, which are private banks, family offices and financial institutions, the digital bank has made available solutions that reduce issuance and management costs, as well as an internal program of You credit cards and loans.

In short, we are talking about a banking and credit institution with proven experience and credibility, with several years of activity behind it.

How does the You credit card work?

Let’s now analyze, specifically, how the You credit card, issued by the Advanzia banking company, belonging to the Mastercard circuit, works.

Basically, we are talking about a You credit card, but this is totally different from traditional ones.

Since the You card is not tied to any bank, and allows you to carry out a wide range of operations.

Now let’s see in detail everything about this tool and the advantages that can be obtained with the You credit card.

What is You Card?

First of all, the operations that can be carried out through the You Advanzia Bank card are several, including:

Shopping online and in physical stores
In addition to the classic functions of traditional cards
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As if that were not enough, the You Advanzia card offers the possibility of creating a payment installment program.

Flexible payments

Through flexible payments, you can easily manage any type of movement.

In fact, when you receive the monthly summary of the expenses made, you can choose to return the sum, in a single solution or the possibility of paying a periodic amount, equal to 3% of the sum spent, but always and in any case not less than 30 EUR.

You Card Commissions

Another interesting aspect is the absence of costs on commissions and withdrawals of money with the You card.

Purchases abroad also have several extra advantages and give the possibility to use the card at will.

You card costs

Let’s talk now about costs and limits. This credit card is completely free of costs both for activation, quick and free, and for periodic management and renewals.

Interest rates are also counted directly on the sums spent and, therefore, do not present other commissions for any type of amount, even high.


As for the limits, however, this card has no constraints or You plafond card, but can be inserted later by contacting the bank, also through the official application of the YOUapp credit card:

which allows you to see and manage the amount of expenses made during the month and the various deadlines
Payment days are also displayed, usually at the beginning of the month
Through the app, you can also create a refund path, customized and created according to the customer’s needs
It is therefore very easy to see the movements and expenses, being able to view them directly from the You card application or through the official website of the YOU credit card.

Just register on the platform, and after entering the data you can get the information, know the amount of money available or the one that must be returned, as well as the deadlines to be met.

How can I top up You Card?

Now let’s see how to top up the You credit card.

We would like to point out immediately that it cannot be recharged directly, but only through your current account.

Only the latter will make withdrawals relating to the monthly debt.

Activate You card

Now let’s see all the steps needed to activate the You credit card.

The requirements for applying are:

The coming of age
Being resident on the Italian territory, this is the first step to apply for registration
The request is made directly on the You card website, then various personal data and a copy of the identity card must be sent.

After that, the actual contract must be signed, since all information is subjected to a complete review, and checks are carried out on the CRIF for final approval.

You card activation times

Once all the necessary checks have been made, the You credit card is sent within about 15 days of acceptance, with an email notification.

Once the credit card in question has been delivered, it is already active, all you have to do is register it on your personal profile and choose the various options available.

It should be noted that this card is a perfect tool for dealing with daily and unexpected expenses, especially if you do not have money to spend in the short term.

Payment systems

The credit card is so convenient precisely because this system of payment with You card, so simple, allows you to opt for:

A flexible payment, choosing according to your needs the installments that can be paid
A gradual repayment that doesn’t affect your finances too much
Well friends of Financial Empires, thanks to our complete guide you know everything about the you card.

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